21 Autumn Cocktails and Infusions

21 Autumn Cocktails and Infusions |  BoulderLocavore.com

The heat of summer seems obvious for refreshing cocktails.  Ripe fruits naturally lend themselves to creative sipping; throw in a pool and mini cocktail umbrella and the day is made perfect.

Fall however is a time to get serious.  As the temperatures cool, the flavors deepen offering a more noteworthy cocktail compared to the flirtatious libations of summer.  It’s a time to slow down and enjoy some sips, truly appreciating a complex beverage and interesting flavor combinations.  Some of my personal favorites include apple, pear, pomegranate and ginger.  They stand out on their own but definitely combine well together for some delicious options.

Red Bartlett Pears | BoulderLocavore.com

Fall is a time perfect to whip up some simple infusions.  It’s never too early to plan for holiday entertaining or for special gifts.  Ripe fall fruits and herbs soaked in alcohol make for an unexpected base to mix layered drinks or something simple such as merely adding tonic water.

Sliced Fall Apples | BoulderLocavore.com

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite cocktails and infusions that I hope you too will love.  A few whimsical options are included too with Halloween in mind;  liquid interpretations of familiar treats we all love!

Homemade Spiced Pear Vodka | BoulderLocavore.com

Simple DIY Infusions (great for gifts!)

Ginger Infused Vodka

Apple Infused Vodka

Spiced Pear Vodka

Rosemary Infused Gin

Hotel Santa Fe Jalapeno Margarita - BoulderLocavore.com

Perfect Autumn Cocktails

Jalapeno Margarita 

Ginger Grouse

Ginger Pear Snap

Hot mulled Apple cider

Ginger Pear Snap cocktail | BoulderLocavore.com


Pomegranate Ginger Sparkler

Ginger Vodka Tonic

Ginger-Vodka and Gingerale


Ginger Pear Gimlet

Apple Martini

Rosemary Gin Martini

Candy Corn Vodka Martini with Pop Rocks Rim | BoulderLocavore.com

Seasonal Novelty Infusions and Cocktails

Cinnamon Candy Apple: a mini Pousse Cafe 

Candy Corn Vodka

Candy Corn Vodka Martini with Pop Rocks Rim

Caramel Apple Martini

Caramel Apple Shot

Classic Manhattan cocktail | BoulderLocavore.com


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      Awe…Lisa you are so nice! Infusions are so fun to make and gratifying. The top shelf of my pantry is full of Mason jars in different stages of readiness!

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