Slow Cooker White Queso Green Chile Dip {Queso Blanco}

Slow Cooker White Queso Green Chile Dip

The final run for a Super Bowl menu touchdown is happening now and I for one can’t imagine watching the Big Game without a great, mouthwatering dip.  I’m not a regular chip-and-dip eater but absolutely love it when the time is right.  I personally prefer something hearty with great flavor (like Green Chile Bacon Cheeseburger Dip), texture and one that feels substantial.  Nothing runny or wimpy for this occasion.  It needs to be a serious scoop and I have just the dip!

White Queso Green Chile Dip {Queso Blanco}  -

My favorite food genre for warmth and comfort would have to be Mexican or Southwestern cuisine.  I love the bold flavors, the textures, and the colors.  Making a Slow Cooker White Green Chile Queso Dip sounded pretty darn perfect to me for a few reasons.  When entertaining there are usually 40 things going on at once.  Replenishing food while hanging out with friends and family can be distracting.  What if you could throw ingredients into a slow cooker and keep it warm for guests to serve themselves?

Slow Cooker White Queso Green Chile Dip {Queso Blanco}  -

This Queso Blanco Dip is made with authentic Asadero Mexican cheese.  It can be found in well stocked cheese departments at the grocery store or at Hispanic Mercados.  It is a light, creamy white cheese without an overwhelmingly distinct flavor.  It pairs wonderfully with the green chilies and jalapeno to make an appetizing, scoopable dip.  The ingredients are simple and the preparation might be ten minutes tops.  Stirring a few times while the cheese is melting will help it blend nicely together.  After two hours on low, the slow cooker can be set on warm to keep the dip loose and ready for dunking some of your favorite ‘dippers’.  Trying to focus on healthier eating, I loved dipping colorful sweet pepper strips.  Any vegetable would be a great option to dip along with colorful corn chips, crackers, tortillas or bread sticks.  The dip itself has good flavor but is not too spicy.  Should you like to spike it up, try using spicy corn tortilla chips.

Slow Cooker White Queso Green Chile Dip {Queso Blanco}  -

A wonderful partner dip is Chile con Queso which also is a melted cheese dip with tomatoes (all blended together).  If you are a cheese-lover as I am, these dips really are irresistible!

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Mini Mascarpone Key Lime Curd Cheesecakes in Jars

Mini Mascarpone Cheesecakes in Jars with Key Lime Curd -

I’ll confess, when I’m going to hold a sizeable party for the Super Bowl or similar occasion where lots of milling around is anticipated, I like to have a selection of party foods to fill plates and stomachs with no pomp and circumstance.  Food guests can eat at a table or on the couch without being unwieldy.  It’s easier and more relaxed for the guests and candidly allows me to relax and enjoy their company. I love ‘little bites’ for dessert at these types of gatherings, allowing a sampler of different options.  This works well too for those watching their calories or just wanting a little sweetness but not a large piece of something leaving them feeling guilty for not finishing the whole thing (or sick from finishing it!). I do love cheesecake but it’s a distant love.  I would … {continue reading}

Spiralized Broccoli-Stem Carrot Slaw with Dried Cranberries

Spiralizer Broccoli-Stem Carrot Slaw with Dried Cranberries & Sunflower Seeds -

I’ve made no secret of my obsession with my Spiralizer* and creating delicious, fun recipes using it. I’ve challenged myself to use it and create a new recipe at least once a week.  I prowl the produce section of the grocery store considering the texture of every fruit and vegetable as my next conquest. I really don’t love to waste food ever and this week an idea popped to mind that addressed both the Spiralizer quest and ‘no waste’.  For the broccoli eaters out there, do you use the stems or only the flowerets when you cook? When I was learning how to cook in college, stir-frying was in frequent rotation in my kitchen.  I would include the often neglected stems as they are sweet and crunchy.  However on an average day in the Boulder Locavore home kitchen they get composted for lack of … {continue reading}

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatball Mini Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatball Mini Sandwiches -

I’m feeling football food in the air with T-2 weeks until the Big Game!  I’m not even a huge football fan (shhhh) but it has its own genre of food which I appreciate.  Finger food, dips, sloppy food, juicy food, casseroles, cheesy dishes that will serve a crowd.  It’s hard to put one’s arms around it but you know football food when you see it.  Just like the dishes you’d serve at a holiday, there is a specific type of food you’d serve to watch football whether with your family or a crowd.  Food does set a tone and it elevates the ambiance of events, football included. I love, love, L.O.V.E. ‘Buffalo Chicken’ anything.  I can’t articulate exactly what it is that I love about it but I do.  Blue cheese has been a favorite salad dressing since I was a tot.  It was love-at-first-taste when I … {continue reading}

My Secret for Staying Hydrated

My Secret for Staying Hydrated- Pear-Ginger Water-

The topic of hydration surfaces a lot both in the heat of summer AND winter.  Winter can be especially drying.  Water is essential for keeping the body in tip top shape to support health and weight loss goals.  It keeps all the bodily systems functioning at their prime and keeps the metabolism going to help burn off that holiday excess.  Candidly though I chug water in the summer, it’s more of a chore in the winter.  I have to make it fun for myself or I’m not going to do it. How much water should an adult drink in one day?  That question is met with a variety of answers but truly comes down to an individual need.  As a general rule of thumb the current thinking in the medical community is 1.5 liters (approximately 1.5 quarts) is adequate for most adults.  That amount does change … {continue reading}

Slow Cooker Black Bean & Ham Soup with Cumin

Slow Cooker Black Bean & Ham Soup with Cumin-

I am of the belief that often the more simple food is the best.  In the cold weather months, rustic recipes always tug at my food sensibilities like an irresistible child begging for me to come along on one of their meanders.  I’m never disappointed.  Hearty flavors, chunky textures and some healthy, whole ingredients always lead me where I want to go. Soup is definitely a favorite at this time of year.  I really could eat it for every meal.  Over the winter holiday we had a ham for one meal.  After enjoying the initial meal, nibbling on the ham itself, making it into several dishes, we were down to the bone and small pieces of meat that would not amount to anything on their own. A favorite thing I’ve begun to do especially after Easter when we often have ham, is to make Ham … {continue reading}