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Gift Ideas I Love Giveaway |

Happy Holidays!  The festivities have begun and I can’t imagine a better way to launch into December than with a big, fat GIVEAWAY of some of my favorite things.  I’ll tell you more about those in a minute but what’s super fun about this giveaway is that I’ve linked up with my fellow bloggers from the Breckenridge retreat I did in October as well as some other fantastic bloggers, and everyone is doing a giveaway you can enter!   Each giveaway is separate with the total of the combined prize packages valued at over $2,800!

I picked some things I love and that are wonderful gift options. I’ve shared my devotion to Le Creuset before.  Their colorful enamel French ovens have a lifetime guarantee and I can say all the women in my family as far back as I can remember own them.

Over the past year I’ve been enjoying developing braising recipes using my Le Creuset Brasier.  Braising is a wonderful mix of searing meat and cooking in liquid to produce a savory one pot dish that takes little time and effort.  Here are two favorites I’ve shared on Boulder Locavore:

Cider-braised Chicken Thighs with Apples and Onions -

Vermouth-Braised Lemon Chicken Legs -

Thanks to the generosity of Le Creuset, included in this giveaway package is a 4 quart Shallow Braiser with a glass lid. It will allow you to whip up braising dishes of your own, locking in moisture for succulent one dish meals.  The pan is also great for roasting or deep frying with a non stick finish, oven safe to 500 degrees F and ample handles to transport the pan to the table.  {Retail value: $180}

I’ve been fortunate to know artisan jeweler Alison Stern of Alison Blair Studio and watch her gorgeous jewelry skyrocket in fame with coverage from major magazines such as Lucky and Oprah.  She works with beautiful gemstones in simple, eye-catching styles that are unique and fetching.  She makes jewelry to live in. Her Etsy shop is home to knotted gemstone necklaces, briolette earrings, unisex leather bracelets, and so much more.  Alison Blair Studio offers everything from perfect stocking stuffers to investment jewelry.  The only problem?  Wanting to buy everything!  You’ll definitely find special gifts for many on your list.  Alison Blair Studio is offering a $150 Gift Certificate (excluding diamond jewelry) for today’s giveaway!

Alison Blair Studio Jewelry Etsy

When I was a child my maternal Grandparents lived in San Francisco.  As the song goes, I DID leave my heart in San Francisco, having fallen deeply in love with my first visits.  So much so that I did return as an adult to live there.  One of my favorite outings, both as a child and adult, were to visit Ghirardelli Chocolate.  When I was little you could actually watch them make the chocolate, have a sample and of course buy some to take home.  I loved the tall brick building with billowing smoke stack right on the bay.  To round out today’s giveaway I’m including a large 14 inch wooden San Francisco cable car filled with Ghirardelli Chocolate squares.  {Retail value: $49}

Wooden Cable Car with Ghirardelli Chocolate

As I mentioned I’ve teamed up with 9 of my favorite bloggers to bring you our favorite ‘must have’ gifts this year!  That’s 10 chances to win some of the most amazing kitchen gadgets, gift cards, gourmet foodies and amazing goodies!

After entering my giveaway for a Le Creuset 4 quart Braising Pan with glass lid, a $150 gift certificate to Alison Blair Studio (jewelry) and a large wooden cable car full of Ghirardelli Chocolate below (open to U.S. entries only!), be sure to head to the other 9 blogs for your chance to win (links to their giveaways below)!


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