Cucumber Melon Spa Salad

Cucumber Melon Spa Salad -

We’ve reached the part of the summer where it’s so hot I’m not interested in eating anything!  I walk through the grocery store with my kids staring at food with no inspiration for mealtime.  I’m convinced my muse has split for her own tropical vacation.

I recently bought a new kitchen gadget that has perked up my interest; a Sprializer.  The whimsical end result of the gadget is popping up all over the internet with ‘pasta’ made purely from vegetables, fruit ribbons and more.  I’m not usually one to jump on a trendy bandwagon and certainly my kitchen is bursting with niche gadgets already, however I love the idea of more easily incorporating fruits and vegetables into our family meals in unexpected ways.  It decreases cooking time (perfect for summer) and increases the nutrition we all need.

Cucumber Melon Spa Salad -

The Spiralizer really works best with firm fruits and vegetables and my ideas was for a bed of cucumber ‘noodles’ topped with juicy, cool, naturally-sweet melon balls and a light dressing.  A healthy salad to quench the heat and inviting to the palate.  I did not want a heavy vinaigrette but a smidge of a tang and a bit of some sweetness would be a perfect complement to the refreshing cucumber and sweet, juicy melon.

Though any neutral oil could be used I chose Grapeseed which is mild in flavor in a fantastic green hue.  As it sounds, grapeseed oil is derived from the seeds of grapes.  For cooking it has a reasonably high smoke point.  The flavor is light, clean and non-distinct making it perfect for dressings, as well as it is high in polyunsaturated fats which is a good attribute of fats and oils.  It is a great oil to keep in your pantry and perfect on this salad!

Cucumber Melon Spa Salad -


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Blueberry Mint Crumble in Jars

Blueberry Mint Crumble in jars -

I love the spontaneity of pulling together a simple, seasonal dessert in the summer; and what could be better than an individual serving in small Mason jars?  It feels like the effortless nature of summer and with these little Blueberry-Mint Crumble desserts, after cooking and cooling, a lid can be affixed to port them for a hike or picnic too. Did I mention they are ready in less than an hour?  Can’t beat that. I always love berries in the summer and candidly have trouble eating them out of season for the decrease in their natural flavor.  I suppose that has improved with international logistics whisking them to all corners of the planet once they are picked; though I still prefer them in their natural season.  Blueberries this summer have been particularly plump, juicy and sweet I’ve … {continue reading}

Lemongrass-Lavender Green Sun Tea

Lemongrass-Lavender Green Sun Tea with mint -

As summer blisters on, I find the need to be drinking water increasing and my interest decreasing.  It becomes a chore.  What I’ve learned to combat that is to add flavor.  I love infused water and tea and try to keep a supply of fresh herbs at the ready for infusing. Regular readers will know my tale of woe regarding an abundant, rampant crop of mint that haunts me at this time of year.  A brief hesitation regarding putting the tiny mint plants in a pot or stoned-in raised bed had rendered enough mint to make Mojitos for most of Northern Colorado.  The good thing is that I love mint, though I tend not to consume pounds of it at a time.  A few sprigs added to some fresh water quickly yields a refreshing drink found far more cheaply than the cool bottles found at the store for $2-3 … {continue reading}

Grilled Halloumi with Strawberries and Herbs from Vibrant Food cookbook {giveaway}

Vibrant Food | Grilled Halloumi with Strawberries and Herbs

I am really excited to share another gorgeous cookbook today, Vibrant Food.  The verve of the title is probably enough for me to snatch it off the shelf but a gander at only a few recipes would certainly seal the deal. Vibrant Food celebrates foods of the season, building inspired, tasty recipes around what is at its peak as well as capturing the artistry of color from the food.  Truly developed through a culinary artist’s eye, each recipe is a vision to behold with breathtaking flavors to match.  Rhubarb Compote with Cacao Nibs, Smoky Red Pepper Soup with Pumpkin Seeds and Feta, Apple Sage Walnut Bread, Concord Grape and Mint Sorbet.  You get the picture. The cookbook is organized by season with each recipe and photograph created by the talented Kimberley Hasselbrink; who also … {continue reading}

Simple Strawberry Pie

Simple Strawberry Pie -

The majority of our produce in the summer comes from having a CSA share.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture and means you pay a set seasonal fee and weekly receive a ‘share’ of what a farm produces.  It’s a highlight of summer for us.  Each Wednesday afternoon we visit our beloved farm, Cure Organic Farm, to pick up freshly harvested vegetables.  Our farm also offers a flower (which they grow), fair trade coffee and fruit share.  And now even a gluten-free bread share catered by a local gluten-free bakery. Most of the fruit comes from Colorado growers though early in the season we often are supplemented by California farm fruit until Colorado’s season gets into gear.  Being a mountainous region (technically a high desert I … {continue reading}

Keep Food Fresher Longer: a BerryBreeze Giveaway {ARV $49}

Green and Red Healthy Food |

Summer seems to be the time to catch up on various cleaning and organizing projects in our house.  It’s all hands on deck and we dive into tasks we don’t have time for during the school year.  A few weeks ago my kids and I tackled the refrigerator, top to bottom, taking everything out, checking expiration dates often long past, and tossing prehistoric produce desiccated at the back of shelves having not seen the light of days in more months than I care to admit.  The produce drawer bears description worthy of a horror movie trailer.  Needless to say three hours spent yielded a spic-and-span gleaming fridge with lots of space for the survivors of our purge. We have a summer farm share bringing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables into our house weekly.  We often end up with more than I … {continue reading}