Egg Cup Coconut Panna Cotta

Egg Cup Coconut Panna Cotta -

Easter is this Sunday and if your menu isn’t fully set, I have a fun dessert idea for you which is beautifully flavored, simple and quick to prepare:  Egg Cup Coconut Panna Cotta.  If you have not tried panna cotta, it is a creamy custard that takes minutes to whip up, and sets to a fantastic consistency in a few hours of chilling.  Traditionally panna cotta is made exclusively with cow milk however I wanted to ‘spring it up’ and used a combination of some dairy half-and-half with a favorite non-dairy milk of mine Silk Coconut Milk.  The coconut milk has a light, fun flavor that makes the panna cotta deliciously unexpected.

Egg Cup Coconut Panna Cotta -

Egg Cup Coconut Panna Cotta -

Loving to create the unexpected, I felt serving the panna cotta in decorative egg cups would be really fun.  I feel Easter tends to be full of chocolate, jelly beans and other festive sweets so a small bite might be a welcome partner to Easter basket treats!  Of course the panna cotta may be chilled in larger options such as espresso cups or liqueur glasses as well (or ‘seconds’ could be had).

Egg Cup Coconut Panna Cotta -

Spring is the time of year I notice my eating habits changing the most.  I crave lighter foods and healthier options.  I shared last month the genesis of my family’s adoption of Silk Soy Milk and it really was a life changer for us.  We were thrilled they now offer coconut and almond milk (and the newly released combination of the two).  I love the option of using a variety of milks each in my recipes and on their own in coffee, cereal, and in Smoothies.

Egg Cup Coconut Panna Cotta -

I have to confess I’m sweet on Silk for another reason too.  They are a Boulder-local company and one whose focus, integrity and product quality allows them to shine not only locally but nationally as well.  They are committed to making products with the best quality ingredients, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no GMO’s, and using ingredients which are grown responsibly.  Keeping their product as close to nature as possible is a priority for Silk as it is for me with my family’s diet.  Love them.

Egg Cup Coconut Panna Cotta -

A fun way I keep up with Silk is by following their Facebook page.  They share product information but what I really love is their sunny disposition about life and sharing upbeat, inspiring tidbits (motivational messages, recipes, gardening tips, etc) and photos along with that.  Check them out and give them a LIKE!  They are sure to brighten your day.

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Elderflower Gin Fizz with frozen Berry ‘ice cubes’

Elderflower Gin Fizz #Easter -

Easter is not just for kids.  And cocktails are not just for evening.  Easter brunch is a perfect time for a cocktail with light flavors and some fizz.   This cocktail is a great choice for any warm weather brunch: the Elderflower Gin Fizz.  The botanicals in gin mesh beautifully with St. Germain elderflower liqueur which is flowery and lightly sweet.  The color is a sublime faint peachy color too! Instead of the traditional ‘over the rocks’ approach for this libation, I froze blackberries and raspberries to act like ice cubes but all some visual appeal and a nice bite when the cocktail is done! We have yet to nail down our Easter meal plans but I always love some whimsy in the table décor.  Fun, unexpected plates and glasses.  Place holders such as lime green mini buckets … {continue reading}

Smoky Ham Cheese Potato Frittata

Smoky Ham Cheese Potato Frittata -

I’m playing a bit of Easter recipe catch up.  Between our Spring Break travel, finishing off taxes, a bout of a bug hitting one of my kids for five days, I woke up last weekend feeling I’d lost a week.  Can you keep a secret?  I have not done one smidge of preparation.  Yikes! I shared a number of fun dessert recipes last year perfect for Easter.  Hidden Rainbow Easter Egg Cake (a pound cake with a psychedelic egg inside), Chocolate Bird’s Nest Cupcakes and Gourmet Easter Candy Bark.  Roasted Balsamic Asparagus with Goat Cheese and Toasted Walnuts is so simple and delicious, perfect as an Easter meal side dish.  There are a number of great Easter option including egg coloring methods that you may found rounded up here. I always like to add new options each holiday and today I’ve … {continue reading}

Gluten-Free Goat Cheese Dill Mini Biscuits

Goat Cheese Dill Mini Biscuits gluten-free -

With Easter coming our way and spring in full swing, I'm thinking of fun recipes to add to a holiday dinner menu.  I have had a bee in my bonnet to make something with goat cheese and dill for some time.  I originally had the idea for popovers but after extensive experimenting I found balancing the moisture of the goat cheese and tender sensibilities of a popover were not a match meant to be.  I settled for savory Gluten-Free Lemon Herb Popovers instead which I love. Determined to create a cozy solution for goat cheese and dill, I launched out on a biscuit mission.  When baking at altitude and gluten-free, I always buckle my seat belt.  It is far more of a chemistry experiment with some magic thrown in to get the right balance which I'm delighted to have done pretty swiftly with this … {continue reading}

The Grand Canyon: Salmon Tostadas {recipe} & El Tovar

Salmon Tostadas -

If you’ve ever visited a famous landmark you may have experienced the almost surprising impact of seeing it live.  It looks the same as the photographs you’ve always seen but there is something different, ‘larger’ and more stunning about it in real life.  The Grand Canyon is no different; it’s simply awe-inspiring. A land feature that actually can be seen from space, the Grand Canyon runs 277 miles long, 10 miles wide, a mile deep and is considered a ‘new canyon made from old rock’.  The latter description due to the canyon being a mere 2 million years old, versus the rock it’s cut through which is believed to be about half the age of the earth. It would be difficult to put into words the splendor of this extraordinary place.  When finding a viewing spot not thick with the vast … {continue reading}

Gluten-Free Blue Corn Southwestern Nachos Pizza

Gluten-Free Blue Corn Southwestern Nachos Pizza -

Pizza is undoubtedly a favorite American comfort food as well as one appreciated in various forms around the globe.  In my household I’m unsure a full week passes without a night of gluten-free pizza included!  It’s easy, fun and rife with creative opportunity only limited by one’s imagination! In this spirit one of my favorite websites, Nosh On It, has invited me along with some of my talented blogging colleagues to celebrate the beloved dish that is pizza.  Each day this week has been filled with amazing creations, spanning everything from a mouth-watering Breakfast Pizza, to a jaw-dropping Dessert Pizzas, pizzas inspired by international flavors,  with many fantastic options in between, all of which are showcased on Nosh On It this week (and on their Pizza Pizza Pinterest … {continue reading}