Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels with Fresh Herb Cream Cheese

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Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels with fresh Herb Cream Cheese. Great texture, flavor for a filling snack or meal! -

I have been soaking up the sun in the past week like a cat on a sunny windowsill.  Do you notice when the sun is out how much more energy you have?  I can barely stand to be indoors.  I’ve moved most of my office activities from my home office to a different room where I can open the door to an outdoor deck, feel the breeze and enjoy the seasonal sunshine.

It’s a great time of year to get into gear on the exercise front as well.  Getting into a regular pattern really doesn’t take fancy equipment or a gym membership.  Easy activities like taking a long walk, going for a hike or a bike ride are great ways to get in shape and get a dose of natural Vitamin D too.  Not only is it good for your body but for your mental state of mind as well.  After I had my first child my doctor instructed me to get out for a 15 minute walk every day, adding ‘that is for you’, not the baby.  Fresh air, new sights and sunshine really make a difference to one’s outlook, especially if you work indoors and at a desk.

Fresh Herb Cream Cheese -

The same goes for good eating.  Eating healthy does not mean it has to be boring.  I will admit when I want to correct course on my eating at times feeling it could he heathier I think ‘fruits and vegetables’ but truthfully get bored with that as my main stay.  I had a simple snack I made years ago that went on the back burner when I became gluten-free because it requires flour tortillas.

Now with Udi’s flour tortillas I pulled it out of mothballs, updated it and my family could not be happier.  Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels with fresh Herb Cream Cheese.  They are so simple to make.  A homemade cream cheese spread mixed with fresh herbs on a flour tortilla, covered with baby spinach leaves, smoked turkey slices and a little sprinkle of shredded cheese.

Udi's Plain Flour gluten-free Tortillas -

The tortilla is then rolled to make a ‘rollup’.  It could be stopped there and eaten as a sandwich but I like to slice the rollup into ¾-inch slices to serve as pinwheels. They are brimming with fresh flavors, great texture and a few pinwheels are filling making them a great snack with some protein, dark leafy green vegetables and a bit of fat too (which is a good thing; we need fat in our diets!).  I typically use Neufchatel cheese which looks and tastes like full fat cream cheese but has 1/3 fewer calories.

Fresh Herb Cream Cheese -

Working with flour tortillas in recipes like rollups or pinwheels, especially if gluten-free, require a quick pre-step for success. Microwaving a few tortillas wrapped in a damp paper towels (or two to fully enclose the tortilla) for 15 seconds allows them to become soft and pliable.  The same goes for corn tortillas.  Once the pinwheels are created they are best eaten right away however if they are not, placing them in a storage container and covering the top with a damp paper towel will help them stay soft if using gluten free flour tortillas.  I’d still recommend eating them shortly to prevent the tortillas from drying out.

Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels with fresh Herb Cream Cheese -

Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels with fresh Herb Cream Cheese


    Ingredients for Fresh Herb Cream Cheese:
  • 8 ounces Neufchatel Cheese (cream cheese may be substituted), softened
  • ¼ cup Fresh Basil Leaves, chopped
  • 2 Scallions (green portion only), sliced
  • ¼ teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes
  • Kosher Salt, to taste
  • Freshly ground Black Pepper, to taste
  • Ingredients for Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels (per 8 pinwheels):
  • 1 large/9-inch Udi’s Gluten-Free Flour Tortilla (traditional flour tortillas may be substituted if not gluten-free)
  • 1/6-1/4 of the Fresh Herb Cream Cheese recipe
  • 3 slices Smoked Turkey (packaged)
  • ¼ cup fresh Baby Spinach leaves with stems removed (about 20 leaves)
  • 1-2 tablespoons grated Cheddar Cheese


    Instructions for Fresh Herb Cream Cheese:
  1. Place the Neufchatel cheese, basil, scallion greens and red pepper flakes in the food processor and process until fully pureed. Salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Instructions for Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels:
  3. Cover tortilla with a damp paper towel(s) and microwave for 15 seconds.
  4. Spread 1/6 to ¼ of the fresh herb cream cheese onto one side of the tortilla covering the entire surface.
  5. Place the spinach leaves on herb cream cheese (refer to photo), covered by the slices of turkey (refer to photo) and finally sprinkle with the grated cheese. Note: leaving a ½ inch around the outer edge of the tortilla will keep all ingredients inside the tortilla.
  6. Gently roll up the tortilla with the ingredient to make a roll. Using a sharp knife slice the roll into ¾ inch slices or pinwheels. Secure the outer edge with decorative picks or toothpicks.

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  1. says

    My twins love having these for lunch! I’m so thankful that Udi’s makes gluten-free tortillas as it has really helped with making mealtimes easier. We love Udi’s at our house!!!

  2. says

    These look delicious. And easy to make. I love all the colors. So much tastier than my lunch – PB sandwich today. LOL. Thanks for the idea

  3. says

    These look super delicious, will have to try to make them sometime. Pinwheels are really cute and there are so many ways you can switch this up for other ingredients too!

  4. Valerie Gray says

    I love to make pinwheels and come up with interesting combos to put with them. I haven’t tried this one yet. I know what I will be making over the weekend!

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