DIY Glitter Tape Mosaic & Satin Ribbon Tape Easter Eggs

DIY Glitter Tape Mosaic and Satin Ribbon Easter Eggs -

Last week I shared a cool method for decorating Easter Eggs which can be used as table placeholders as well:  DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs.  I love how they turned out and the option to erase and redo the art of messages on them.  With the goal of creating a new method annually for decorating Easter eggs I thought that would be the solo method for this year.  However as luck would have it my muse was working overtime and I had another idea which was to make with Glitter Tape Mosaic and Ribbon Tape … CONTINUE READING

Bikini Body Smoothie

Bikini Body Smoothie -

We are in Spring Break season.  Spring Breaks span almost a month between different school districts and colleges, all ready for some time off before the last push toward the end of the school year.  For many heading for the sun (especially after this winter), whether it be some beach time or pool frolicking in a sunny destination, is what it’s all about. In the planning and excitement there can also be a big ‘wah wah’ when peeling off the winter layers to examine ourselves in a bathing suit … CONTINUE READING

Cherry Chipotle Glazed Bone-In Spiral-Cut Ham

Cherry Chipotle Glazed Bone-In Spiral-Cut Ham Recipe

‘Tis the season of ham.  Well I guess it’s one of the two seasons, with Christmas being the other.  I always thought it was funny that most people only eat ham at the holidays.  What if I got a wild hankering on June 15th for a pineapple glazed ham from my own oven?  I probably wouldn’t crave ham in June because it’s hot and I’m conditioned to have it for the holidays, gorge madly on the leftovers so I’m sated until the next holiday.  Going into a ‘ham hibernation’ of sorts. I actually just … CONTINUE READING

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

DIY Chalkboard Easter Eggs -

I’ve spent most of my Easters like everyone else; dying eggs in little colored plastic cups with unwieldy wire dippers.  As a child I loved watching the pellets fizzing like Alka-Seltzer in the brightly colored plastic dying cups which reeked of vinegar.  I loved that the dingy colored dye buttons often dazzled by turning the water into a completely different color than their drab, dry appearance let on.  When newer dyes no longer required vinegar but could be used solely in water I thought we’d … CONTINUE READING

Asparagus Leek New Potato Frittata

Asparagus Leek New Potato Frittata -

In Colorado we’ve learned not to get too carried away with the first hints of spring.  We know one fact:  Mother Nature is a tease.  February ambled along uneventfully until the last week when we had snow daily, rocketing us to one of the top 5 snowiest February’s in Colorado’s history.  I was posting photos last week on Instagram of 4 foot long, 8-inch diameter icicles hanging from our eves.  I banned my family from dumping anything in the outdoor trash cans, which are positioned dangerously … CONTINUE READING

Irish Chocolate Mousse with Baileys

Irish Chocolate Mousse with Baileys - BoulderLocavore

I have a Corned Beef brisket ready for the slow cooker, and am vacillating between Colcannon or Irish Potato Champ for the potato side, Double Irish Trouble Milkshake or Irish Coffee (maybe one of each?!) but decided instead of the whimsy of Leprechaun Tracks Ice Cream I’m going more traditional for St. Patrick’s Day this year:  Irish Chocolate Mousse with Baileys.  Well, maybe not traditional but a bit more grown up! I love all the crazy green foods to be found on the internet at this time … CONTINUE READING