Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9 - A spicy-sweet elixir with a pop rocks rim

What would Valentine’s Day be without a love potion?  An exciting elixir to dazzle the eyes and palate with a bit of the unexpected. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day.  It’s a day that feels dipped in chocolate and excitement. Both as an adult and child I loved making Valentines in red, pink and white with lots of glitter and secret messages in conversation hearts. Was there anything more fun than decorating a shoe box for school to receive valentines?  In fourth grade Tim Fessler slipped a simple heart in my box with a pre-printed message about love.  I was able to read through the innuendo and when we were paired up to do the Virginia Reel in PE class, I was sure it was Valentine’s destiny. Whether you are making valentines, planning a party or just taking it easy you … {continue reading}

Slow Cooker Individual Creamy Chocolate Fondue Pots

Slow Cooker Individual Creamy Chocolate Fondue Pots -

Ever since I was a child fondue has been a treat for special occasions.  So exotic!  The blue flame from the fuel pot dancing wildly, licking the bottom of the metal pot was mesmerizing.  I loved the ritual of loading up the skewers with dip-able bites and watching the bubbling oil transform meat into seared perfection. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I tasted chocolate fondue.  When I lived in California we’d pop into a dedicated fondue restaurant, again on special occasions, which offered three courses of fondue with chocolate being the crowning glory.  Then fondue disappeared from the culinary landscape.  Poof; gone.  I did not think about it or even realize it until a few years back when approaching my husband’s birthday we wanted to get him something unexpected.  He’s a … {continue reading}

DIY Gift Idea: Sparkling Flower-Scented Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs

DIY Sparkling Flower-scented Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub - BoulderLocavore

This seemed the perfect time to share an easy, fun DIY gift idea that’s great for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, to welcome spring or to get rid of winter’s dryness:  Sparkling Flower-Scented Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs.  The original inspiration for these scrubs were a mix between feeling my skin looks 163 years old thanks to desiccatingly dry winter weather, and thinking of a fun homemade Valentine’s gift in the spirit of gems and flowers. Homemade sugar scrubs are very simple to make.  I prefer to make them with coconut oil for a few reasons.  Coconut Oil is solid when at room temperature and even if it liquefies in a warm bathroom, moving it to a cooler room or the fridge for a bit firms it back up.  The more solid texture lends itself to productive scrubbing!  Coconut Oil does not … {continue reading}

Vanilla Wafer Rose Marshmallow White Chocolate Oven S’Mores

Vanilla Wafer Rose Marshmallow White Chocolate Oven S'mores -

At the risk of regular readers feeling I’ll never share another recipe without Rose-flavored Marshmallows included, fear not, I have one last delight to share:  Vanilla Wafer Rose Marshmallow White Chocolate Oven S’Mores.  The recipe title sounds like a person with several last names but every ingredient really deserves to be called out on this one.  The blend of flavors is true perfection.  Scratching your head about S’mores in the winter?  No need; these are made in the oven in about 2 ½ minutes.  Love that.  S’Mores are no longer just a summer love. The truth is this recipe was born from a desire to have a few recipes to use my beloved rose marshmallows.  I loved the idea of plopping one or two in Vanilla Steamers as they make any day feel cozy and warm.  Another obvious match is … {continue reading}

Vanilla Steamer with Rose-flavored Marshmallows

Vanilla Steamer with DIY Rose-flavored Marshmallows -

We’ve reached the Cat and Mouse phase of winter.  The charm of the first snows, the Ugg boots, down parkas, shoveling the walk has begun to wear thin.  Brutally frigid temps around the US have paralyzed schools and travel making winter not so fun. Here in Colorado we are experiencing another face of winter we know all too well:  the Tease.  Howling winds bring temperatures in the teens to their knees with wind chill.  Slow morning drives to avoid spinning out on ice make us feel like we are driving like 90 year old Grandparents with poor vision.  Then as if Old Man Winter stepped out for a few minutes, our temperatures will spike the sixties.  We are radiated by the sun making us want to bask all day in the nourishing rays.  Birds are singing.  I can’t sit still for wanting to be … {continue reading}

Rose-flavored Marshmallows

Rose flavored Marshmallows DIY Homemade -

Am I the only one who can’t believe it’s February?  January passed in the blink of an eye.  A complete blur.  Something tells me the rest of the year may do the same! January feels like a month that lets you off the hook.  After three months of holiday preparation, eating and drinking, January lays low with no demands other than silent encouragement that addressing an over-obsession with sweets from December might be in order.  Generally by January 1 I feel the need to detox which I don’t do formally but more with whole foods, lots of water and lighter eating overall. February arrives fresh with a theme of pink for its coveted holiday of love.  Valentine’s Day lands in our laps before we know it, two weeks away!  I personally am still feeling the sucrose hangover from December so … {continue reading}