Buttermilk Peach Buckle

Buttermilk Peach Buckle (gluten-free) with Vanilla Ice Cream. An easy, summer dessert recipe, Buttermilk Peach Buckle is the perfect relaxing end to a meal and you won't slave in the kitchen to make it! Gluten-free and regular options. - BoulderLocavore.com

Summer desserts should be as relaxed and simple as are the lazy days.  Buttermilk Peach Buckle is a one skillet dessert recipe that is a snap to make and everyone will love it.  Perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  Gluten-free or regular depending on the flour used. This time of the summer is always so exciting as fresh, ripe peaches begin to roll in.  We are fortunate in Colorado as peaches are a star crop of our Rocky Mountain Western Slope.  I had the chance while on a … CONTINUE READING

Grilled Sweet Corn Salsa

Grilled Sweet Corn Salsa. Everyone loves this sweet-spicy grilled corn salsa. It is bursting with summer flavors and colors that are irresistible! - BoulderLocavore.com

Ready to meet your new favorite summer salsa?  Grilled Sweet Corn Salsa is a naturally gluten-free sweet and spicy dip or relish you’ll want to make all summer long. There are certain fruits and vegetables that always stand out as seasonal super stars.   We can barely wait to see them again.  Their flavors captivate our palates and spotting them at the store or Farmer’s Market feels like the party has started!  Sweet corn is one such coveted vegetable and I’m celebrating it today with … CONTINUE READING

Honey-Mascarpone Ice Cream with Balsamic Ripple, Grilled Figs and Walnuts

Honey-Mascarpone Ice Cream with Balsamic Ripple, Grilled Figs and Walnuts. A simple, seasonal dessert recipe that will surprise and delight anyone who eats it! BoulderLocavore.com

Looking for a simple, seasonal dessert recipe that is out of the ordinary?  Honey-Mascarpone Ice Cream with Balsamic Ripple, Grilled Figs and Walnuts is a fantastic combination of sweet grilled sweet figs paired with creamy, easy Mascarpone Ice Cream oozing with honey flavor, rippled with a balsamic reduction and topped with chopped walnuts.  Are you hungry now? I’d love to say I am highly educated about Figs.  I’m not.  My main experience with figs is through their marriage with the … CONTINUE READING

Cheesy Mexican Frittata

Cheesy Mexican Frittata. A super-quick meal full of Mexican taco seasonings, green chilies, jalapeno slices and fantastic cheese! Topped with fresh pico de gallo it is a great fast recipe for dinner or brunch. - BoulderLocavore.com

Whipping up this meal-in-minutes recipe is super easy and does not cut corners on fabulous flavor!  Cheesy Mexican Frittata is chock full of green chilies, fresh jalapeno, cheese, eggs and more. It's a perfect meal for dinner or brunch. CLICK HERE TO PIN FOR LATER The longer summer goes on the lazier I’m getting in the kitchen.  The variety of fresh produce right now makes flavor-packed salads an easy choice for meals but my family can’t live on salad alone.  I have a number of … CONTINUE READING

Rustic Grilled Vegetable & Sausage Pasta

Rustic Grilled Vegetable and Sausage Pasta. Whether grilled vegetable purposely for this sauce or using leftover grilled vegetables, the sauce recipe has a beautiful depth of flavor from the grilled summer vegetables. The sausage makes it a perfect and very easy meal! - BoulderLocavore.com

The signature flavors of summer grilled vegetables and Sweet Italian Sausage combine for a simple, full-flavored pasta dish everyone will love!  Whether making Rustic Grilled Vegetable and Sausage Pasta with newly grilled or leftover grilled vegetables, it's an easy summer recipe you'll want to make regularly! CLICK HERE TO PIN FOR LATER Can you keep a secret?  I’d love to tell you I developed this recipe from a completely clean slate with full cognizance of my plan.  I’d be fibbing.  I do … CONTINUE READING

Almond Joy Sipper (dairy-free)

Almond Joy Sipper {dairy-free}. The flavors you love from the classic candy bar (chocolate, coconut and almond) in a light, refreshing drink! - BoulderLocavore.com

Looking for a fun summer sipper with more pizzazz than water or soda?  I've got the perfect recipe for you: the Almond Joy Sipper.  Inspired by the iconic candy bar, this sumptuous combination of dark chocolate, coconut and almond dairy-free plant milks are as refreshing as they are irresistible.  And who doesn't love a bit of chocolate syrup and coconut fringe?! CLICK HERE TO PIN FOR LATER This post is shared as part of Boulder Locavore’s ongoing partnership with Silk, exploring healthy … CONTINUE READING