Blood Orange Mimosas

Blood Orange Mimosas with Rose Champagne -

My head is sort of spinning from all the holidays this week.  Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras and of course Valentine’s Day.  I’m a bit of a holiday-a-holic; there is no holiday left behind in my world!

Having lived in San Francisco where celebration of the Lunar New Year is big, I love whipping up dishes that bring a note of the holiday to life.  Stir fry recipes are great, fast and flavorful as an option.  If you are feeling more excited about doing something these Marbled Chinese Tea Eggs are fun, beautiful and delicious (as well as they could be switched up with colored water for a fun Easter option too).

Blood Orange Mimosas with Brut Rose Sparkling Wine -

I did not have time to make a gluten-free King Cake for Mardi Gras today as I did last year (which was so good), but will probably make a batch of Louisiana Red Beans and Rice in the slow cooker and maybe a Brandy Milk Punch which is a New Orleans classic.  And of course some Classic Bananas Foster!

Blood Orange Mimosas with orange juicer -

Blood Orange Mimosas with orange juicer -

Valentine’s Day this year is seated in the midst of a long President’s Day weekend.  Amidst all the sweets is a perfect brunch opportunity with a Valentine’s theme.  With mimosas being a brunching standard, taking advantage of citrus season to create Blood Orange Mimosas is on my plan.  I love the deep color and sweet flavor of blood oranges.  Pairing them with a rosé sparkling wine or pink champagne is a fun change and one that fits the holiday too.

Blood Orange Mimosas with Rose Champagne -

Readers have asked my opinion on champagne and liquor quality levels for mixed boozy punches and champagne cocktails before so I’m going to share my thoughts here.  I personally believe you should buy the best for your budget whenever possible.  Just because it’s a mixed drink, doesn’t mean the cheapest stuff available is the best choice both flavor and candidly hangover potential.

Blood Orange Mimosas (squeezing blood orange) -

Having said that, one of my all-time favorite champs is Veuve Cliquot and I would not shell out to use that in a mimosa.  There is a middle ground with all the varieties of champagne and sparkling wines available so choose what you love and what you feel comfortable spending.  Consulting at your local liquor store is a great way to find brands you may never have known about that are a great price and quality.  I have found some of the best options through those ‘could you give me some advice’ chats.

Blood Orange Mimosas with Brut Rose Sparkling Wine -

A juicing tip: to extract the most possible juice from the orange, place it in the microwave (whole) for 10 seconds before juicing it.  Also I always use the handheld orange juicer shown in the photos and find placing a halved orange in the juicer with the rounded side seated in the rounded side of the juice for a first juicing, then flipping the orange so the flesh side faces the rounded side for a second juicing extracts additional juice.  These mimosas are approximately one third juice and the rest champagne.  You can find the balance that best suits your palate.  The number of servings in the recipe utilizes the entire bottle of champagne.  You can of course save some for later if you choose!

Blood Orange Mimosas with Rose Champagne -

Blood Orange Mimosas


  • 1 750ml bottle Rose Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • 8 Blood Oranges


  1. Oranges may be juiced individually per mimosa or into a pitcher for easy mixing. Per champagne flute: add the juice of one Blood Orange (2 ounces) to a standard 5 ounce champagne flute and fill with rose champagne. For pitcher: juice 8 blood oranges and mix with the 750ml bottle of champagne.

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Blood Orange Mimosas with Rose Champagne



  1. says

    I’ve never heard of rose champagne – I need to find it! THis looks like a great drink for Valentine’s Day or any other reason to celebrate!

  2. Ann Bacciaglia says

    This is a perfect drink for my girls weekend that is coming up soon. I will have to get the ingredients so i can make some.

  3. says

    Well, you have motivated me to make something festive tonight instead of the same old crock pot meal or pizza. We don’t drink, but I’m thinking of ways I can liven up some sparkling apple juice now. Thanks

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