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  1. having never mounted a camel, I will take your word on that one, but the bike certainly does look like a beast! It sounds as thought your tour more than made up for the pedaling through downtown Boulder, what a fun day that must have been!
    Thanks for taking us with you, and had I been there I would have broken into a bicycle built for 16!

    • Glad you cleared up the whole camel thing Dennis! The seats are far higher than they appear in the photo. To get into them you really have to hang on to the bar area in front of the seat and mount up, as though you are going horseback riding. Short legged imbiders are out of luck too; takes long legs to reach the pedals. I would assert you would have been too out of breath to sing…..at least on our first leg. Nothing like getting close to your 'co-workers' via a group whine session. Lots of huffing and puffing upon reaching the first stop.

    • It really was. Fortunately a little bird tipped me off that it took some leg power on the hills (and that means the slightest, visually-imperceptable incline) so I was ready. Such a unique experience, our whining was short lived!

    • It's funny we've never even heard of these vehicles and now they are popping up in cities globally! I too was passed by one when visiting the HaHo market last fall in Denver. That crowd was very similar to those in the photo from MyHandleBar. Jovial and I suspect, potted.

    • It's a bit odd in that you are sitting facing the inside of the bike and pedalling 90 degrees to the direction you are actually moving. But frankly it's enough effort you quickly forget that and focus on making the thing move!

  2. That is the coolest bicycle I have ever seen – what a hoot! you must have had an awesome time with this one 🙂

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