5 Best Tips for Great Gluten-Free Travel {with Kids}!

5 Best Tips for Great Gluten Free Travel {with Kids} | BoulderLocavore.com

It’s Spring Break season which presents a welcome travel opportunity on the way to full blown summer vacations. As exciting as getaways sound, they always present complexity for gluten-free travelers.  Determining where dining will be ‘safe’ or navigating stops for car travel can be daunting and even overwhelming for those needing to dodge gluten (a protein in wheat, barley, rye and oats*).  Add gluten-free kids to the planning and the stress involved soon can override the actual vacation benefits. We’ve been having a lot of chats about this very topic in the Udi’s Gluten Free Community with members trying to gain insight on safe, easy gluten-free travel locations from Disney to other ‘GF friendly’ spots.  Also how to best plan for a successful international journey regardless of where … {continue reading}

25 Fabulous Gluten-Free Easter Recipes

25 Fabulous Gluten-Free Easter Recipes BoulderLocavore.com

Spring has sprung (or is trying to in Colorado).  Spring breaks are underway and Easter is barreling down on us like a freight train.  For some reason this year it seems early and is very precariously poised at the end of Spring Break for us.  What that does for me is make it even more challenging to plan for between traveling and the distraction of active relaxing, which I know will leave me coming out of a fog to gear up for some formal meals.  I’m guessing it may be that way for you too. I did some early patrolling of Boulder Locavore and the internet to pull together a list of luscious gluten-free options for Easter meals, whether you choose to brunch or enjoy dinner.  I was seeking light, fresh, springtime flavors, leaving the heavier textures of winter’s comfort food behind us.  I … {continue reading}

Huevos Diablo {Devil Eggs}

Huevos Diablo {Devil Eggs} BoulderLocavore.com

I love dyeing Easter Eggs but always feel faced with a dilemma about using them when the egg hunting fun is through.  It turns out in my family I may be the only one who actually likes Deviled Eggs.  I think there is an association with the traditional ho-hum version (which I for the record like) delivered to extended family gatherings by great Aunt Mildred who stood too close when talking and pushed her eggs on the crowd as though they were an illegal substance.  The forced stuffing of one’s mouth, painfully trying to escape her rapt attention pregnant with the expectation of an effusive egg review when swallowing,  traumatized too many that I know into being reviled by anything smacking of the iconic picnic snack. Today is a new day.  There has been a lot of hard-boiled egg … {continue reading}

Roasted Balsamic Asparagus with Goat Cheese and Toasted Walnuts

Roasted Balsamic Asparagus with Goat Cheese and Toasted Walnuts BoulderLocavore.com

As Easter approaches and menu planning begins, I find myself seeking fresh, spring vegetables to weave into our midday meal plan.  Ham is our usual protein centerpiece, glazed with something citrusy and bright, hinting at the lighter seasonal flavors. Our day is usually fully of egg hunting (most always indoors due to our unpredictable snow storms), springy color and a rebirth of the new season. One of my favorite vegetables of spring is asparagus.  It begins to pop up about this time in stores and spring is the perfect time for seeking it in the wild.  In Colorado its availability is a more likely in a few months but it’s the time to start keeping an eye out in small irrigation ditches along the side of rural roads, especially when water runs through them.  For more tips on spotting, … {continue reading}

Hidden Rainbow Easter Egg Cake

Hidden Rainbow Easter Egg Cake | BoulderLocavore.com

It was about 3.4 nanoseconds after cutting into the Hidden Heart Cake recipe I created for Valentine’s Day that I began to think about an iteration for Easter.  It seemed such a perfect holiday for sneaking away an unexpected egg where one would not think to look; in the middle of a cake! We all have memories of that last Easter egg gone missing.  My most ‘fond’ would be when I was in Junior High.  In the early summer the off-putting odor of sulfur began to emanate from my closet.  After several attempts to locate the source of the stench, I finally found a beautifully dyed hard boiled egg rotting in the pocket of my ski parka.   I did curse the Easter Bunny for the putrid odor that did not dissipate quickly. No risk of that happening in this case.  The making of this cake … {continue reading}

Stained Glass {Bleeding Tissue} Easter Eggs

Bleeding Tissue dyed Easter Egg | BoulderLocavore.com

For years I was more than satisfied to dye hard-boiled eggs for Easter with the traditional kit.  Mixing water and vinegar and wondering which pellet was really which color until immersing them in liquid to watch the miraculous foaming of what looked to be brown into lemon yellow. Two years ago I got a wild hair to try naturally dyed eggs.  Using produce I experimented with creating vegetable dyes to fabulously earth results.  I was hooked and could not face another kit.  Last year I made Silk Tie Dyed Eggs with a traditional method used by one of my children’s teachers.  It was unique and exciting, never knowing how things would exactly end up. This year I needed to think of something new, never liking a repeat.  I liked the idea of making eggs with a bit of a stained glass look … {continue reading}