Turkey Tortilla Soup {Out of the Mouths of Babes}

Turkey Tortilla Soup gluten free BoulderLocavore

It’s funny where some of our family favorite recipes have originated.  In the case of this Turkey Tortilla Soup, the source was particularly humorous, and fortuitous I’d say as it has become one of our cold weather favorites. When my youngest tot was in second grade he bounded into my car after school on a particular day and instead of sharing the usual day’s debrief of learning highlights, odd facts about the respiratory system, playground drama, etcetera, it was all about lunch.  Someone else’s lunch.  He happened to be sitting next to one of his soccer chums, Steve-the-Night-Owl (an alias selected by him to protect his lunchroom street cred) who had brought the most marvelous soup in a tiny thermos for lunch.  One would not imagine a 7 year old to have so many adjectives for a mere … {continue reading}

Spicy White Chili

Spicy White  chicken Chili #gluten free  BoulderLocavore.com

I love the elegance of tone-on-tone dressing.  It seems so chic, so ‘put together’.  In that same vein when I discovered this recipe for ‘White Chili’ in a family recipe collection, I instantly loved the aesthetic of coordinating a dish chromatically.  White-on-white, blanco-en-blanco, with a pop of discreet, muted chile green.  I felt confident I’d look very hip while eating it and it would be certain to go with any outfit. It is chili season thanks to the arctic wiles of the mountain regions.  It’s been an underwhelming winter to date, leaving us constantly checking ski conditions at our little local area and wondering when ‘it will come’.    We enjoyed highs in the teens this past weekend, empathetically watching the beloved NFL home team man-up in single degree temps that … {continue reading}

Spicy Roasted Poblano Red Lentils with Sausage

Spicy Poblano Red Lentils with sausage gluten free BoulderLocavore.com

Have you made a dish that is so good you don’t want to share it?  There is plenty for everyone but you don’t care?  This Spicy Red Lentil dish is one of those.  It could not be simpler, faster to prepare and the flavors are rich and soul-satisfying. There is a digital switch after the holidays to healthier recipes on cyber food publications, have you noticed?  And lots of legumes.  It’s cold so warming dishes and soups are natural for this time of year but why eat legumes?  They provide an excellent source of non-animal protein, have lots of fiber, are low in fat, have antioxidants are low on the glycemic index and more.  Most importantly they taste great, are very filling and inexpensive. Lentils have the added benefit of cooking in less than 30 minutes with no pre-soaking … {continue reading}

How to Make Peppery Ham Stock

how to make peppery ham stock BoulderLocavore.com

Do you make your own stock?   Maybe after the holiday turkey carcass is picked clean?  But do you make Ham Stock?  Funny, recipes don’t call for it so we don’t think to make it.  But after trying this recipe I’m sure that will soon change. Over the holidays we enjoyed a succulent natural, spiral-cut ham which my husband indulged with a slathering of a Cherry Port Glaze.  ‘Scrumptious’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.  As the Tupperware container holding the vast leftovers aerobically was pulled to and from the refrigerator for more helpings and sandwiches, I lazily thought I’d make some soup with the end of the ham and bone.  Silly me.  By the time I was sure nothing of substance could be left I opened the container to find shockingly that I was right but more so, nothing was left at … {continue reading}

The Best Winter Salad and Delicious, Healthy New Year Recipes

The Best Winter Salad | BoulderLocavore.com

Did you ever see the movie ‘Willy Wonka’?  Do you remember the scene when the contestants and their accompanying parent made it through the madcap start of their journey to arrive in the Wonka inner sanctum with the chocolate river, edible foliage and Oompa Loompas?  Willy Wonka told them they could eat anything they chose and most dove in as though they’d been on a hunger strike before coming. Augustus Gloop, the rotund, gluttonous German boy, shoved the candy edibles in his mouth so spastically it was uncomfortable to watch.  It seemed to expose some deep-seated inner issue.  Though not quite as ferocious, that is how I am with salad once the New Year arrives.  I don’t embarrass myself in front of fellow diners but am ravenous for salad.  But for winter salad.  There is something … {continue reading}

Shortcut Cinnamon Roll French Toast with Satsuma-Vanilla Syrup

Cinnamon Roll French Toast  BoulderLocavore.com

When I attended college, I moved out of state to do so.  My grandparents were an hour away but I knew no one else.  I quickly met a number of local friends and was swept up into their weekend outings and meeting their families, having no social obligations of my own. One friend invited me to accompany their family to visit a longtime friend in the wooded area of Mendocino California.  The friend, fondly known as ‘Dr. Dick’, being a retired physician with the first name Richard, had a quaint, charming rustic complex with cabins and out buildings, and a river running through everything.  The best part however was that Dr. Dick was a chef.  My memories are faint about the origin of his talents but they were impressive to me.  I was dazzled by his exotic cuisine.  He made Goetta, Pecan … {continue reading}