Creamy Coconut Tangelo Rice Pudding

Coconut Tangelo Rice Pudding |

A few weeks ago I shared my joy and plight over a gargantuan shipment of fresh citrus sent to us from a Floridian relation. I would never complain about freshly harvested, locally-grown fruit arriving at my doorstep in the mid of our dry, parched Colorado winter. In this case however a mistake at the orchard tripled the shipment quantity leaving me flatfooted to conjure some recipes before the fruit went bad. Suffice it to say, I have no worries my family will come down with Scurvy after the loads of Vitamin C we’ve had (come to think of it, we’ve all skirted colds and flu thus far this season too; knock wood). In addition to the sheer volume, the fruits themselves were somewhat gargantuan in proportion. Honeybell Tangelos, part of our haul, are a cross between a grapefruit and a … {continue reading}

Simple Suppers: Pear Marmalade Glazed Ham Steaks

Pear Marmalade Glazed Ham Steak

Do you ever find yourself in a menu rut?  Or feeling on a busy day that you want to make a healthy meal but don’t have the energy to pull it all together?  Me too. During the week I want to prepare easy, nutritious meals that have great flavor but I usually don’t plan very far in advance.  Though I grocery shop almost daily (fortunately at a neighborhood market that is stocked with organic, local produce, excellent ‘clean’ meat and everything else we would need),  we also have a freezer stocked with local meat from our CSA farm, seasonal produce I’ve frozen in season, frozen gluten-free foods and other odds and ends.  On a day last week I found myself looking into the face of an overly burdened day of deliverables and decided I really needed to make something from what we had on … {continue reading}

Chile-Chocolate Bourbon Cake {recipe} & ‘Tasting Colorado’ cookbook Giveaway!

Tasting Colorado cookbook |

A little known fact about Colorado is that it has become a hotbed of fantastic, inspired cuisine.  Farm-to-Table, chefs working with local winemakers, artisan food crafters partnering with restaurants to put out exciting, innovative food.  There is a newfound electricity in the dining scene; an abundance of interesting, quality ingredients and creative vision galore.  All this has provided perfect timing for the newly released Tasting Colorado cookbook; a mouth-watering collection of the best recipes from chefs, restaurants and notable inns from across the Centennial State. This cookbook profiles the flavors of Colorado food.  A celebration of seasonal ingredients meshing into palate-pleasing, flavorful dishes that mean business.  Our regional food gets to the point and delivers on its … {continue reading}

Golden Plum Glazed Cornish Game Hens {recipe} & Valentine’s Le Creuset Giveaway!

Golden Plum Balsamic Glazed Cornish Game Hens|

Holidays beg to be marked by special food and Valentine’s Day is no different.  There are the gold standards of chocolate, champagne, anything heart shaped, pink or red.  I’ve certainly shared my fair share of all of those in the past few weeks however when thinking about a special dish to share today my mind went back to my childhood when my mother would occasionally prepare Cornish Game Hens.  They are miniature fowl, that when full grown is a size a bit larger than a soft ball making them a perfect ‘personal size’ bird.  It always seemed so special to be served my own bird in such a dainty size.  They taste like chicken and really do elevate a meal from the ordinary. Cornish Game Hens are incredibly easy to prepare and take less than an hour to roast.  Most often they are kept frozen … {continue reading}

Sparkling Pink Sangria

Sparkling Pink Sangria

I don’t know the actual statistics for Valentine’s Day champagne sales but I’d wager they are a close second to New Year’s Eve.  Though I have no complaint about presenting the bubbly by itself, I think there is more to be had for the day of love.  Sparkling Pink Sangria.  The idea popped to mind loving the challenge of weaving together seasonal fruits and the color pink to come up with a twist on a way to celebrate the holiday.  I will say I think it’s my favorite sangria recipe yet, not the least of which is the sublime pink color! For those not having enjoyed Sangria, it is an infusion of fruit in wine heralded most prominently from Spain.  There are usually other liquors added to bolster the flavor as well as something fizzy, in my case Pink Champagne.  The soaking of the fruit … {continue reading}

48 Hours in San Francisco

San Francisco Heart Union Square

I refuse to believe I left my heart in San Francisco. This city and I have a long, entwined history providing my devotion to be more like a life-long, unending love affair rather than a mere dalliance leaving one longing for what will never be again. My first introduction to San Francisco was as a child when my maternal Grandparents had a flat above the intersection of Columbus and Bay Streets overlooking the brand-spanking new Tower Records, mere blocks from Fisherman’s Wharf and the end of the cable car line.  We’d visit yearly and trudge through every nook and cranny of ‘the City’, which is how it’s always been known to me.  Back alley fortune cookie factories in Chinatown.   Molanari’s Italian market in North Beach with brilliantly handsome elder men who would unabashedly flirt with … {continue reading}