Chai-Coconut Milk Boba {Bubble Tea} Popsicles

Chai-Coconut Milk Boba {Bubble Tea} Popsicles -

Sweet, spicy Chai-Coconut Milk popsicles with whimsical, chewy Boba (Bubble Tea tapioca) pearls!  Perhaps the most fun summer popsicle yet! Do you have a food that just plain makes you happy?  Maybe cupcakes with pink frosting?  Dessert with sprinkles on top?  For me, hands down, it’s Boba or Bubble Tea.  Boba is large size tapioca pearl, that when cooked becomes a ½ inch diameter squishy orb taking on the flavor of the liquid in which it is cooked or stored.  Generally boba are added to … CONTINUE READING

Summer Sipping: Tips, Tricks and Recipes

Summer sipping- Fruit and Herb Ice Cubes -

I never drink enough water.  Never ever.  I forget.  I get bored.  Or I just plain don’t do it.  For me living at high altitude makes it all the more important but with summer’s high temperatures, endless hours spent outdoors or in a pool, everyone young and old needs to be mindful of staying hydrated. I’ve found changing things up, adding a surprise here and there goes a long way to make drinking fluids more fun for every age.  Though these ideas are mainly focused on how to ensure drinking … CONTINUE READING

Fast Food ReDo: Peanut Butter-Chocolate ‘White Out’

Peanut Butter-Chocolate White Out -

As a family we are contentious healthy eaters. Though being summertime the periodic trip for ice cream seems apropos. Despite thoughtful choices about our food sourcing, my kids have a soft spot for fast food milkshakes with M&M's or Reese's Peanut Butter cups in them. You know what I'm talking about. Every fast food joint sells them, they all are named after a snow storm of some kind I suppose denoting the violent sucking in of the featured candy, and pulverizing it into the … CONTINUE READING

Peach Buttermilk Glazed Donuts {gluten-free}

Peach Buttermilk Glazed Donuts {gluten-free} -

As much as I strive for out of the box thinking I will admit I have befallen a good marketing campaign, or perhaps 'the obvious' from time to time. For instance when last week I came upon Donut Peaches at my local market, my first thought was that I should make donuts with them. Not a huge leap into the great abyss of creativity as they look like donuts already. Almost like the produce guy wound me up, pointed me in the right direction to see if I'd connect the dots. Regardless of how … CONTINUE READING

The Best Homemade Cracker Jack & an All American Giveaway!

he Best Homemade Cracker Jack -

I don’t have memories of eating candy as a child but I do remember the allure of the Cracker Jack’s box.  The cute cartoon sailor boy on the front.  The neatly wrapped box holding the sweet, crunchy caramel popcorn and peanut mix AND the coveted prize inside.  Early on, before my time, prizes included decoder rings and other captivating trinkets making it a most popular treat. The Cracker Jack’s history is a success story detailing the promise of the American dream held in the late 1800’s.  … CONTINUE READING

Mini Jalapeno Corn Dogs and Corn Dog Bites {gluten-free}

Mini Jalapeno Corn Dogs |

When thinking through Americana dishes to reinvent in celebration of Fourth of July, the Corn Dog was something that sprang to mind immediately.  At any amusement park, ball game or County Fair one can smell the mix of deep frying, and sweet, corn dough wafting on the breeze beckoning diners to sample the quintessential summertime dish. The exact origins of the corn dog are slightly elusive.  They showed up on the food scene in the U.S. in the 1920’s, becoming popular in the 1940’s with a … CONTINUE READING