Cherry-Cola Milkshake

Cherry-Cola Milkshake -

  I’m a mindful eater.  That doesn’t always mean I eat all my vegetables or that I don’t ever eat dessert.  I generally stay away from soda however I became smitten on a road trip through West Texas with Cherry Coke and have never looked back. I live in the land of reusable personal water bottles.  We all have a complete wardrobe of Camelbak’s, BPA-free plastic bottles with flip up spouts, zippy looking Sigg metal bottles with sport lids and more.  Everyone I know packs water … CONTINUE READING

Americana Desserts for Summer

Buttermilk Peach Buckle- BoulderLocavore

This time of year offers a bounty of naturally ripened fruits great for eating raw or folding into a delicious dessert to please the whole family.  Personally I love more vintage Americana desserts that feature the fruit as a headliner rather than tons of sugar.  I also love the easy construction and relaxed appearance of these desserts that mirrors the summer dining table.  They invite lazing over a meal and keeping the pace slow. As we head into the heart of summer I wanted to share some … CONTINUE READING

Sparkling Lemonade, Raspberry Blueberry Tarte and The Hundred-Foot Journey movie

100 Foot Journey July 4th Recipes

Fourth of July this year is wonderfully situated on a Friday giving way to a weekend full of old school picnics, outings, grills parties and more lazy summer dining.  We were excited that in our area small non-exploding ‘fireworks’ were made legal again as we love lighting sparklers, snakes and other tame pyro-attractions in our driveway before watching larger local fireworks displays. Food sets the holiday tone in the Boulder Locavore household and we have plenty of patriotic favorites to … CONTINUE READING

Firecracker Hot Dog

Firecracker Hot Dogs. Melted Pepper Jack cheese, grilled red onion and beer-battered gluten-free jalapeno slices! -

Fourth of July is certainly the patron holiday of the grill.  Can you imagine celebrating without it?  Me either.  And while I love a juicy burger as much as the next girl I think hot dogs have gotten a raw deal over the past years.  A mainstay of my youth, always boiled and always served with macaroni and cheese made from a box, they seemed to have disappeared as their ingredients were highly scrutinized. I don’t exactly know what was ground into the wieners I was served as a kid but I can … CONTINUE READING

Easy Red, White & Blue Trifles

Red White Blue Trifles with whipped cream -

Fourth of July is coming this week and it’s time to get some red, white and blue recipes on your menu!  This year our schedule is a bit crazy so I’ve opted for some less labor intensive yet still flavor packed options. It’s hot, hot, hot right now in Colorado, which means turning on my oven is a choiceful task.   Though this dessert takes a bit of cooking, it’s worth the effort for the end result.  And who can resist a dessert in a Mason jar?!  No one in my family that’s for sure. We … CONTINUE READING

A Little Summer Help from P&Geveryday

Easy Lemonade Recipes

Summer is the time of year that is supposed to be lazy; right?  Getting up late, following one’s whim of what the day will bring.  Lazing by the neighborhood pool for hours, napping in a colorful hammock in the backyard, grilling an easy dinner and dining al fresco.  Listening to the crickets chirping while sitting on the porch in the dusk drinking lemonade in a Mason jar, chatting about things one never has time for in the other seasons of the year.  Relaxing through long carefree days.  Wait, … CONTINUE READING