Tips for Starting a Home Food Garden

Tips for Starting a Home Food Garden

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine. Spring is always an exciting time for gardeners but for me it has an extra special significance.  I’ve been asked by Miracle-Gro to share a garden project of mine and have one that is very close to my heart to tell you about. I’ve always personally had a garden in some form however 3 1/2 years ago another garden-impassioned parent and I took up the cause to start a school garden.  It has been long enough ago that the … CONTINUE READING

Fresh Paloma Cocktail

Fresh Paloma Cocktail -

While road tripping through Arizona over Spring Break, we walked to a local Mexican restaurant close to our resort one night for dinner.  To be honest the experience was mediocre at best.  They had a gluten-free menu which was great however there was a large convention at the resort which besieged the restaurant leaving everything to take an excruciating long time.  The food was average however I met a new cocktail that piqued my interest. Completely dehydrated when scanning the menu for … CONTINUE READING

Tips for Keeping Kids Hydrated

Tips for Keeping Kids Hydrated |

Spring is always an unpredictable time in Colorado with regard to weather.  We aren’t sure if we should be donning our skis for a few last runs, or getting out our day packs for a day on mountain trails.  We dodged a supposed snow storm last week and my family enjoyed our first hike of the season in the foothills above Boulder.  Despite a forecast of rain, and looming black clouds, the sun was hot once we hit the trail, quickly reminding me that carrying water is a must. I will admit I have a … CONTINUE READING

Great Grandma Jean’s Apple Pie {gluten-free} & Kids Cooking From The Heart

Great Grandma's Best Apple Pie #glutenfree recipe -

My youngest child is in fifth grade, finishing off elementary school not only for himself but also closing a ten year chapter for our family with our beloved school.  I remember when my daughter first started Kindergarten.  Lined up in front of paparazzi parents, all in disbelief over their babies starting school and soon to be weeping thanks to a little poem handed out by the teacher which still leaves me watery eyed today.  As a parent, waiting through that first half day until we saw our tots … CONTINUE READING

Melted Blueberries with Ginger and Mandarin Orange & The Nourished Kitchen {giveaway}

The Nourished Kitchen Melted Blueberries -

As I began to read the introduction to ‘The Nourished Kitchen’ (Ten Speed Press), it struck me how odd it is that we now have added to our culinary lexicon labels such as ‘real food’.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that food was just that:  food.  It came from our home gardens, was driven by seasonal availability in grocery stores and we ate mainly what we could find fresh, as our Grandparents taught us.  The reality however is that it has changed.  The modern conveniences of food made fast … CONTINUE READING

Jalapeno Ham Hash

Jalapeno Ham Hash -

Despite having a list of lip-smacking Easter leftover recipes, another one popped to mind I had to try:  Jalapeno Ham Hash.  When I was growing up I loved Corned Beef Hash.  Of course it was from a can but I could not get enough of the tiny cubed potatoes and corned beef.  It was not until I was an adult that I realize it could be made from scratch and frankly was completely different, and much more robust with flavor. I love dishes like hash as they incorporate different flavors and textures … CONTINUE READING