Candy Cane Cocktail with Homemade Candy Cane Infused Vodka candy cane cocktail 257-004

I don’t think there is a more universal symbol of Christmas than the Candy Cane.  Dating back to the 1600’s, they were originally candy sticks fashioned into the shape of a crook, all white with no peppermint flavoring.  In the early 1900’s candy canes took on the familiar peppermint flavoring and stripes, though definitive historical roots for the changes remain a bit unclear.   Welcome 2012 when candy canes change form once more in the Boulder Locavore kitchen; they are made into booze. Blame it on untethered curiosity, a devout passion for ‘repurposing’ and loving a novel cocktail, when stumbling upon these enchanting metallic pink and cream candy canes (organic nonetheless) I knew they were destined for something more; someone’s jolly holiday cocktail. I befell temptation … {continue reading}

Announcing Cool New Recipe Features on Boulder Locavore!

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Over the past few months there have been some exciting changes on Boulder Locavore with regard to recipes that I wanted to tell you about! We have been working very hard to make recipes and other articles much easier to locate on our site.  If you select ‘Recipes’, ‘Booze’, ‘Local’ or ‘Travel’ from the navigation bar above, you will find ‘photo buttons’ of major category headings.  When selecting a category, all the posts in that category will be illustrated also with photo buttons to select from.  Here’s an example: If selecting 'Recipes' from the navigation bar below the blog header, a reader will land on the page below: If then selecting 'Baked Sweets', all the posts in this category will be illustrated as shown below: There are also two additional search … {continue reading}

Italian Chestnut Crepes with Nutella Cream filling {gluten free} italian chestnut crepes nutella cream filling 219-001

When I was growing up a favorite holiday outing was an annual trip to The Magic Pan restaurant for a meal of crepes.   Originally started at Ghirardelli Chocolate in San Francisco, The Magic Pan became a nationwide chain of restaurants all serving up both sweet and savory crepes.  It was all very exotic to me; the finely rolled, airy crepes filled with warm, rich fillings.  I remember dressing up and usually going to the restaurant after a city outing to see the Nutcracker Ballet, another annual celebration of the season. When my children were younger I was flooded with the magical memory and wanting to afford them a visit to the popular creperie.  But alas when sleuthing I learned they were no longer in business.  Having since become gluten free I put crepes in the ‘won’t have that … {continue reading}

Chocolate Truffle Peppermint Kiss Cookies {gluten free}

Chocolate Truffle Peppermint Kiss Cookies gluten-free |

When I worked in the corporate arena I always remember unending plates of homemade holiday treats floating around the office.  They seemed unstoppable.  Though they were delicious and made with time and care by different employees, it was not something I truly appreciated until becoming gluten free. Of course being gluten free does not stop one from making holiday cookies, but generally holiday cookie events do not cater to those who dine ‘sans’ gluten.  Our local CSA (Celiac Sprue Association) chapter hosts an annual event that really amplified the glory of the holiday cookie for me.  A few years into being gluten free we came upon this holiday cookie exchange event that was exclusively gluten free.  Having no idea what to expect but loving a good holiday outing, we whipped up a batch … {continue reading}

25 Fun DIY Edible, Drinkable and Usable Holiday Gifts homemade diy gifts 139

Admittedly I feel like I’m free falling through the start of the holiday season.  Halloween’s arrival felt too early.  Thanksgiving felt usurped by premature holiday shopping prompts (which I personally ignored, wanting to soak in the enjoyment of Thanksgiving preparation). Something I miss from less busy times in my life is lingering over holiday preparations.  Homemade gifts, massive baking, fun seasonal outings.  Tiptoeing through the days leading to Christmas, feeling the magic in small moments. We have a number of holiday traditions in my family leading to the onset of Christmas.   As my children get older, our schedules combined make spontaneous outings more challenging, surprise departures from school night routines almost impossible.  We have managed however to make gifts for … {continue reading}

America’s Best Organics #Giveaway: ‘Boulder Locavore Loves’ Gift Basket!

Giveaway includes: 1) Jen’s Zen Chocolate Sauce (made with coconut milk) (9.5 ounces), 2) Lumia Organic Cinnamon Spice candle (4 ounces), 3) Chocolove Currant and Almonds in Dark Chocolate bar (3.2 ounces) (I love, love, love this brand; each chocolate bar comes with a love poem inside too!)

I originally discovered Boulder’s Best Organics and Colorado’s Best Organics when I started my locavore experiment endeavoring to source my produce and protein from a 100 mile radius over a Colorado winter to see if it could be done.  My unbridled enthusiasm lead me to want to only gift local items for that holiday season and my cyber investigation about ‘gift baskets’ landed me on their site.  I loved the mix-and-match opportunity of local products and was sure my gift recipients would as well. Not only were the products they carry locally sourced and produced, but they carried more gourmet and artisan edibles as well.  It’s no secret I love anything I can buy from home in my pajamas online, and avoid the Post Office at all costs during the holidays so coupling that with their selection, … {continue reading}