Palo Duro Canyon and Where the Locals Eat in Lubbock Texas


If I told you I just spent 48 hours staying here…… Would you envy me or think I had been incarcerated?  Three words: Off-The-Grid.  When poking around to put together my road trip route, Palo Duro Canyon State Park worked its way onto my radar.  It is the second largest canyon to the Grand Canyon in the U.S. having been developed as a state park in the 1930’s.  This area is steeped in history; Spanish explorers, the rise and fall of the Comanche Indians, Western pioneer settlers.  Much of the history reflects the turbulent pains of claiming land for one’s own.   The canyon is a painted desert, with the light appearing to highlight different colors of the layered cliffs all through the day into the evening. When exploring options on a travel route I learned there were 6 … {continue reading}

21 Hours in Amarillo: Local Food and Unique Sights to See


As with most of the rest of my life, my travels are highly planned and calculated.  The perils of being a ‘responsible adult’ keeps me most often hemmed in and not catering to the true spontaneous nature of my being.  An opportunity opened up last week with three day notice for a 6 day road trip and I grabbed it.  I set about scoping a route that would allow a loop (hate repeating a route), moving south only (it still can snow horribly north of Colorado at this time of year), somewhere I’d not traveled and that would have interest and a food story to explore.Leaving in the dark at 6 a.m. on Monday I landed in Amarillo Texas by mid afternoon after an easy drive through the historic, windswept eastern Plains of Colorado.  Most often my internet research of a new area includes phrases like … {continue reading}

DAM’s Yves Saint Laurent ‘The Retrospective’ exhibit and Palettes YSL Pre Fixe menu


Black velvet sheath dress, "Paris rose" satin bow, "Paris" haute couture collection, Fall-Winter 1983. Photo Gilles Tapie.One does not have to be a slave to fashion to identify the most iconic initials for the last half century:  YSL.  Whether it be in the realm of haute couture or the more accessible Ready-to-Wear fashion, Yves Saint Laurent hopped on the tide of both fashion and social change, riding the wave to a graceful retirement in 2002, leaving in his wake both art and style that remains current and influential today.Is the Last Ball section with a selection of haute couture ball gowns from the glory days of haute couture.  Photo courtesy of the Denver Art Museum.Beginning today Denver is truly graced by an extensive 40 year retrospective of the work of Yves Saint Laurent at the … {continue reading}

‘Will Pedal For Booze’: A Bicycling Cocktail Party Through Boulder


When I was invited to join some of Boulder’s best food writers and photographers on a 16 seat bicycle Booze Cruise of three downtown venues, and that it might snow when we were riding, it was ‘on like Donkey Kong’ for me.  I found complete kismet in the locations to be visited and was thrilled at the madcap proposition of it all.  Salt Bistro; I wrote about them a bit ago.  Fabulous food, local consciousness and sourcing, and they just won Boulder’s Best Mixology competition with the Sunfire cocktail (which they’ve been generous to provide their recipe for me to share).  Dushanbe Tea House.  No greater iconic establishment exists in our local culinary landscape.   Last and certainly not least is Aji Restaurant.  One that has recently sprung onto my radar leaving me wanting to know more.  I … {continue reading}

Lemon Chiffon Pie with Cornflake Crust

Lemon Chiffon Pie with Cornflake Crust |

After making Lemon Infused Vodka a few weeks ago I was reminded of my love for the smell and flavor of lemons.  Despite being a winter fruit they really seem to be a harbinger of spring to me; here to escort us from the cold, dreary days with their lively presence and depart once we are nestled into the guaranteed warmth before us for the next several months. I wanted to make a lemon pie of some sort and dove into my vintage collection of recipes for option.  I found a great Lemon Custard Pie of my Great Grandmother’s though admittedly was making this rather spontaneously as I most often do and it seemed a bit lengthy.  I found a few others in a recipe collection I purchased on eBay that as best I can tell came from the late 1930’s on from the northern mid States.  I settled … {continue reading}

Dublin Coddle and Irish Soda Bread (gluten free)

Dublin coddle {gluten free} |

To say I have a soft spot for Ireland is an understatement.  I was raised with an Irish Uncle, Frank McGorty, who ensured every family gathering ended in song and with spirits high (those of the attendees and I suspect a wee bit in the glass). I will always remember my first business trip to Ireland, stepping out of the plane on the tarmac and being overwhelmed by a feeling I was ‘home’.  I travelled there a lot for business to Dublin, Dundalk and to Cork.  I drove with a work mate up into Northern Ireland when the conflict was still in full swing and it was downright scary.  I’ve hung upside down and kissed the Blarney Stone, the clear luck it gave me was not catching a communicable disease considering the thousands who have done the same before me.  I’ve seen guys get into a fight … {continue reading}