‘Off With Your Hand’ Halloween Punch & Giveaway!

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As the seasonal whimsy continues to abound I have one more quick, fun Halloween treat to share; ‘Off With Your Hand’ Halloween Punch (title credit to my 9 year old).  Over the years we’ve cultivated some Halloween favorites for home celebrations or school parties.  My not-so-secret M.O. is always high impact with ease.  This favorite was inspired after a surgery when being sent home with a mutated ice pack fashioned of a filled, frozen surgical glove. It’s simple.  Vinyl medical gloves (available at any mainstream drug store) filled with juice of your choice (preferably a juice with complimentary flavor to the punch you make), secured and frozen to function as the ice in your festive punch but also an eerie reminder of Halloween!  You can use any punch recipe though I’m sharing one we … {continue reading}

Rustic Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Rustic Mini Pumpkin Cakes | BoulderLocavore.com

I can think of no other holiday with as much whimsy as Halloween.  Being the lead off to the long holiday season I find Halloween is embraced with all the orange and black people can muster.  After all who does not enjoy the idea of assuming a new personae for a day?  I myself dress up annually and my costumes have ranged far and wide. When my family first became gluten free, I felt I’d be baking a lot from scratch.  No more ordering birthday cakes from a local bakery.  And with that I wanted to make sure the occasions were as festive as when we did eat gluten.  Decorative cake pans did a lot of that for me until I discovered so many gluten free options in recipes and mixes (though I still love the novelty of the unique baking pans!).  I frankly had no idea there … {continue reading}

Great DIY Halloween Cocktail Napkins & some Spooky Brew!

Halloween DIY homemade cocktail napkins BoulderLocavore.com

Somewhere along the path of rallying all the recent Halloween food and drink to share, I divined a Martha-esque accessory:  the homemade Halloween cocktail napkin.  Feeling a need for something simple to pump up the spook volume on my tablescape I created these napkins perfect for any libation or appetizer plate.   They were too easy not to share; so simple, with a bit of guidance older children could make them as well as adults. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:17] Want to make this even easier?  Use Halloween color paper napkins and repeat the same process. A stylish napkin is only as fun as the drink it’s paired with.  I’ve scoured the net for some cocktails and teetotaling options to whip up for the holiday.  It seemed apropos with a project of this nature to go to the Goddess … {continue reading}

Graveyard Cupcakes

Halloween Graveyard Cupcakes | BoulderLocavore.com

I love Halloween.  I forewarned a few weeks ago there would be a pause in my usual simple, healthier cuisine to post some unexpected fare and projects honoring this ghoulish season.   The Halloween Trick-or-Treat Wreath and Candy Corn Martini were a sampling! This is a big decorating holiday at my house as well.  As with many things, I don’t like to go mainstream.  A number of years ago I learned about a craft of primitive folk art, or ‘Prim’ that celebrates this holiday like none other.  Their projects are often made from muslin fabric dyed with black tea, papier mache in imperfect forms of skeletons, black cats and witches.  You can find these wares on eBay or Etsy and their rustic form is perfect for the holiday. Halloween gatherings are always fun.  I find however as much … {continue reading}

Candy Corn Martini with Pop Rocks rim

Candy Corn Vodka Martini with Pop Rocks Rim | BoulderLocavore.com

Hold on!  Before you run shrieking from your computer monitor, hear me out.  It’s no secret I’m an ‘infuse-a-holic’.  A DIY’er to the core and one who loves re-purposing of almost anything.  A few weeks ago I was unloading a menagerie of grocery items and it just happened that a bag of candy corn and a bottle of vodka landed next to each other on the counter.  In the flurry of unloading, I glanced over to catch the pair and immediately wondered what THAT would be like. I hesitated; wondering if it would be tipping off into a realm too disgusting to ever admit but internally countering that I’d never know unless I tried.    In mere moments a mason jar of vodka and candy corn where in the pantry to see what would happen. I like candy corn.  I should say I like the buttery flavor in the … {continue reading}

The Best Homemade Ketchup

Tomatoes | BoulderLocavore.com

Generally doing things ‘in moderation’ has not been a descriptor of my personality.  I tend to be a ‘go big, or go home’ sort.  I usually dive into something full bore, immerse myself and then very often discard it as is my fickle Gemini nature. I dove into the Locavore pond headlong, not even stopping to check if the pool had been drained.  My original quest was to see if it were possible to over-winter in Colorado subsisting on produce and proteins from a 100 mile-Michael-Pollan-radius.  It truly was an experiment for which I did not know how to anticipate the outcome. I did anticipate however that I’d have to quickly bone up on food keeping practices, assuming local fare would not be readily available through the winter months.  I began freezing and dehydrating food, signed up for … {continue reading}