Boozy Gingerbread Eggnog Bread Pudding

Boozy Gingerbread Eggnog Bread Pudding -

Over the weekend I was thumbing through the TV channels while keeping one of my tots company as they recouped from a cold.  I came upon a show called ‘My Christmas Obsession’.   In my household we have not done one thing for Christmas yet.  Half the family has been sick enough to be home from school and work.  The bitter single digit temperatures are discouraging to do most anything let alone holiday errands and shopping.  Not knowing what this TV show was about I thought it might kick our … CONTINUE READING

Brunch-Worthy Bloody Marys and a Colorado Artisan Food Giveaway ($100 value)

Motherlode Bloody Marys -

When approaching the holidays I love to share my favorite finds, especially with YOU!  This year there are two stand outs on the local front that had to mark the season.  The first is a company I was thrilled to introduce when they first started out: Colorado Crafted, artisan gift boxes.  The visionaries who began the company are two hip sophisticate moms who happened upon a serendipitous meeting at a playground and the rest is history. Their latest endeavor, Colorado Crafted, has hit the … CONTINUE READING

Cranberry White Chocolate Pecan cookies {gluten-free}

Cranberry White Chocolate Pecan Cookies -

Winter has arrived in Boulder!  With a blustery overnight snow storm arctic temperatures have settled in and brought us to chilly single digits promised for the next week.  Fireplaces are blazing.  Everyone is wrapped in cozy winter togs to keep warm.  It’s a perfect time to get the holiday cookie baking going! For a long time I’ve suggested baking is closer to chemistry than it is to cooking.  There is a fine balance between leavening ingredients, the effects of eggs, and in my case … CONTINUE READING

Homemade/DIY Gift Ideas: 18 Seasoning Blends and Extracts

18 Homemade DIY Gifts Seasoning Blends and Extracts |

A few weeks ago I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio) and they stated the National Retail Federation who previously expected a bright holiday retail season as of early October, had adjusted their optimistic outlook to expect sales to be depressed this year.  Citing a number of reasons including the government shut-down, the belief is consumers will be hanging on more tightly to their pocketbooks this year. When I had more ‘free’ time, I loved making gifts for the holidays.  More so … CONTINUE READING

Coconut Curry Turkey Rice Soup

Coconut Curry Turkey Rice Soup |

I would be happy eating soup every day when the weather turns cold.  I love any kind of soup but am partial to something with substance; a chunky soup with loads in each bite. When working through Thanksgiving leftovers I decided to make up a soup with our turkey stock and tons of turkey.  The idea of a curry sprang to mind as I consider it one of my comfort food flavors.  I love the warming feel of the spices combined, and the earthy flavors.  One of my favorite curry recipes was something I … CONTINUE READING

Fortress of Solitude Crystal Cake and a Giveaway Just for Kids!

Fortress of Solitude Crystal Cake. Photo credits: The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook {Downtown Bookworks, Inc.}

I’m excited for the upcoming weeks with some fun holiday recipes to share, DIY gift ideas and my favorite, fun giveaways!  To kick off December I have just had the chance to peruse a cookbook  my kids begged me to review:  The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook.  The cover shot gives insight to the fun laying in wait; a dash of ketchup turns an ordinary cheeseburger into a dish Superman would be proud to chow down. The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook is absolutely kid-focused from it’s sturdy, … CONTINUE READING