Big Game {gluten free} Recipe Round Up

Wild Rice Sumac Cayenne Wings {gluten free}

  Now that the Super Bowl teams are locked and loaded, and the rivalry between the brother coaches of the 49’ers and the Ravens has piqued the curiosity of even the more mild football fans, it's time to think about parties and the food. This weekend off gives time to round up favorite tried-and-true dishes as well as track down some new things to try. The key to successful football party food is keeping it simple, loaded with flavor, serve-yourself and make beforehand.  Though I would not say the typical food featured on Boulder Locavore is 'football food' there are definitely plenty of dishes that do fill the bill. Dip-able, spreadable fare. Relaxed, inviting cuisine suggesting looser waistbands and slouching on comfy arm chairs. Easy to prepare and make-ahead dishes that … {continue reading}

Pasta Arrabiatta by Serena Bass & $100 Gift Card Giveaway

serena bass sale

Are you ‘in the know’ about  It is a new Private Sale site offering up to 60% off designer brands for men, women, kids and home as well as free shipping within the United States.  Limited time curated and/or designer sale events deliver top brand names from culinary familiars such as KitchenAid, Wolfgang Puck, Rosle and many more.  The prestige name brands are unending for apparel as well: Ellen Tracy, Giorgio Armani eyewear, Calvin Klein, Tahari by ASL, Kenneth Cole, Versace, Baby CZ, Geox, Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu shoes, Rodarte….need I say more?’s latest tastemaker is Serena Bass; caterer to the Stars, accomplished chef and cookbook author known not only for her exquisite food but her stellar presentation style.  She has curated a kitchen and … {continue reading}

Savory Blue Cheese Cake {appetizer}

Savory Blue Cheese Cake  BoulderLocavore

I have always loved blue cheese. I have fond memories of dining out with my family as a child at the local steak house and diving into the blue cheese dressing when the salad dressing caddy was delivered to the table. I never thought twice about a casual 1000 Island Dressing fling. Nor was I tempted to ‘go exotic’, with Green Goddess dressing. And Italian dressing?  Did not turn my head; even once. I remember reading in one of Michael Pollan's books (author of the ‘Omnivore’s Dilemma’, ‘Food Rules’, and more) that people are drawn more strongly either to sugar, salt or fat. It's all Darwinian type stuff; survival related.  After considering that proposition I realized the foods I most covet would fall within the fat category. I'm not saying my survival is based on blue cheese but I'd … {continue reading}

Creamy Hot Artichoke Dip with Garlic Toast Rounds {gluten free}

Creamy Hot Artichoke Dip with Garlic Toast Rounds gluten free |

When I was pregnant with my second child I became obsessed with all food that had a vinegary acidity.  Tasty, tangy chicken wings.  Pepperoncinis.  Pickled spicy green beans.  The pinnacle (that still triggers a Pavlovian mouth watering) took place at the Barnum and Bailey circus of all places.  This was before I was gluten free though I still ate a very healthy diet.  We went to get a snack and I became fixated on a particular chili dog.  A perfect texture hotdog, piled grotesquely high with chili, covered with chopped onions and pickled jalapenos, and cheese of course.  It tasted so fantastically perfect to my pregnant taste buds; I was unconscious of my incessant verbal fawning over it.  My husband, a patient, polite fellow with an uncanny knack for home culinary wizardry finally could … {continue reading}

Turkey Tortilla Soup {Out of the Mouths of Babes}

Turkey Tortilla Soup gluten free BoulderLocavore

It’s funny where some of our family favorite recipes have originated.  In the case of this Turkey Tortilla Soup, the source was particularly humorous, and fortuitous I’d say as it has become one of our cold weather favorites. When my youngest tot was in second grade he bounded into my car after school on a particular day and instead of sharing the usual day’s debrief of learning highlights, odd facts about the respiratory system, playground drama, etcetera, it was all about lunch.  Someone else’s lunch.  He happened to be sitting next to one of his soccer chums, Steve-the-Night-Owl (an alias selected by him to protect his lunchroom street cred) who had brought the most marvelous soup in a tiny thermos for lunch.  One would not imagine a 7 year old to have so many adjectives for a mere … {continue reading}

Spicy White Chili

Spicy White  chicken Chili #gluten free

I love the elegance of tone-on-tone dressing.  It seems so chic, so ‘put together’.  In that same vein when I discovered this recipe for ‘White Chili’ in a family recipe collection, I instantly loved the aesthetic of coordinating a dish chromatically.  White-on-white, blanco-en-blanco, with a pop of discreet, muted chile green.  I felt confident I’d look very hip while eating it and it would be certain to go with any outfit. It is chili season thanks to the arctic wiles of the mountain regions.  It’s been an underwhelming winter to date, leaving us constantly checking ski conditions at our little local area and wondering when ‘it will come’.    We enjoyed highs in the teens this past weekend, empathetically watching the beloved NFL home team man-up in single degree temps that … {continue reading}