Back-to-School: Great Lunch Box Ideas & Tips

Back-to-School Lunch Ideas -

Starting a new school year is like moving to another planet.  But making lunches doesn't have to be!  Here is all you need for lunch box success; food, recipes, lunch box comparisons and buying guides, the best containers and fantastic tips! This is the time of year that I begin to get desperate emails from friends begging for good lunch box ideas.  We’ve all become used to the spontaneity of summer’s meals and the idea of packing a nutritious lunch feels overwhelming.  Creativity often is … CONTINUE READING

Creamy Roasted Green Chile Chicken Macaroni and Cheese {gluten-free}

Creamy Roasted Green Chile Chicken Mac and Cheese #glutenfree- BoulderLocavore

The switch has flipped.  One day it’s summer, the next it’s the new school year which is synonymous with fall for me.  As if on cue the weather has become cool, dreary and rainy.  Of course this may only last a day or two but it gives me hope that perhaps our fall won’t be plagued by 100 degree weather presenting the worry of kids in non air-conditioned classrooms collapsing of heat stroke. The fortuitous change in the weather coincides perfectly with my focus on delicious, fast meals to … CONTINUE READING

{No Bake} Vanilla Bean Pots de Creme with Fresh Cherry Sauce

No Bake Vanilla Bean Pots de Creme with fresh Cherry Sauce in French Metro cups -

I remember watching an episode of the ‘Twightlight Zone’ sometime in my impressionable youth that has stayed with me.  The gist of the scenario in the episode was that if you are bad in your mortal life, you will go on when you die to a horribly awful fate.  You will be stuck watching slide shows of someone else’s vacation for eternity. There is one more little, teensy thing I want to mention about my recent vacation.  I promise there are no family photos posing with signs for attractions or … CONTINUE READING

Cornflake-Coconut Crusted Baked Chicken

Cornflake Coconut Pecan Baked Chicken - 858-001

Need a simple, healthier version of crispy Fried Chicken that is just a bold with flavor?  This recipe is for you!  Quick to make, crunch on the outside, moist on the inside with great flavors of coconut, pecans and corn flakes! School is starting again this week and my mind is wandering toward creating some new 'fast and flavorful' dishes for my weeknight dinner arsenal. Recently we were taking a walk past a place serving fried chicken and one of my kids commented on missing fried chicken … CONTINUE READING

Key Lime Panna Cotta

Key Lime Panna Cotta -

Creamy, rich, tangy Key Lime Panna Cotta is a fun citrus twist on regular panna cotta.  With key limes readily available in most parts of the U.S., everyone can enjoy a taste of Florida as inspired this recipe! We have so enjoyed our two weeks in Florida staying at my Sister-in-Law’s waterside vacation home.  We’ve had manatee sightings and a Great Blue Heron hunting daily at our dock.  Spotted an exotic sea slug that no one locally seems to have seen.  Enjoyed long shell-hunting walks on … CONTINUE READING

Best Tips and Tricks for Maximizing the Disney World Experience (including Gluten-Free dining)

Cinderella's Castle WDW -

With four parks, visiting Disney World takes some special planning to get the most from a visit.  These tips, tricks and resources help maximize a Disney World visit, including gluten-free dining, to avoid long lines, crowds and ensure happy memories are made! An anticipated highlight of our recent trip to Florida was three days at Disney World.  Having visited and shared  tips for a trip to Disneyland (California) from earlier this year I had not anticipated writing about Disney World but … CONTINUE READING