Cheers to Your Health: Why Smoothies Rock

The Benefits of Smoothies

Can you keep a secret?  I’m horrible at taking vitamins regularly.  I’m easily motivated when I first decide to take them, then over time I become distracted and I often forget, making a routine impossible.  Frankly I prefer to get my vitamins and minerals from the food I eat.  It is a more natural process for me and I just find it easier to maintain more balanced nutrition with food.  In saying that I do believe there are cases when supplements are important so this is not intended to encourage … CONTINUE READING

Blueberry-Mango Mixed Greens Salad with Blueberry-Guava Vinaigrette

Blueberry-Mango Mixed Greens Salad with Blueberry-Guava Vinaigrette -

I love to travel.  In fact next to spending time with my family I don’t think there is anything that allows my spirit to soar more than exploring new places or visiting places I love.  Discovering new food and drink, especially local specialties or unique foods to an area, is always a highlight and often one of the stronger memories I carry with me from my travel adventures. Have you ever traveled somewhere, had a new dish and wished you could make it again when back at home?  I had one of … CONTINUE READING

Celebrating Ice Cream: Recipes, Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker & The Perfect Scoop cookbook {giveaway}

Ice Cream cone |

Can I confess?  In my youth I loved the Ice Cream Man.  I always had ears pricked for the iconic circusy sounding melodies announcing the van’s presence in the vicinity.  Like a Pied Piper, we would grab all of our change as soon as the tune could be heard in the air, running willy nilly to buy a frozen treat.  I myself loved Drumsticks, the wrapped cones full of vanilla ice cream, covered with chocolate and nuts.  Something we’d never have at home.  It was a magical signature of summer. Now … CONTINUE READING

Tarragon Pesto Chicken Breast with Dressed Greens

Tarragon Pesto Chicken Breast with dressed greens. Fast and flavroful! -

As much as grilling is king for the summer, fast, fabulous, fresh meals also are happening in the Boulder Locavore kitchen.  We love the exhale into summer, with a bit more sleep and spontaneity than the school year but more time doesn’t mean I want to spend hours in the kitchen being slave to a hot oven! I have an absolute favorite way to prepare boneless chicken breasts that leaves them flavorful, with a beautiful seared outside and always moist and plump inside.  And did I mention they are … CONTINUE READING

Hello Summer: Fun Popsicle Recipes for Adults and Kids

Fun Popsicle Recipes for Adults and Kids |

Hoo-eee!  We went from a cold, rainy weekend to blistering mid 90’s heat.  I have been on Jury Duty this week focused on that process however finished up in time to chaperone the last few hours of my son’s fifth grade pool party yesterday.  I arrived in time to help organize food under an outside pavilion at a local playground and park, and quickly wished I could shed my professional ‘jury-wear’ outfit for something more free flowing and cool.  Between Volleyball, exploring the park and hitting … CONTINUE READING

Refreshing Summertime Smoothie

Refreshing Summertime Smoothie -

I’m never one to wish time to pass however seeing friends across the U.S. frolicking on beaches and lake-sides on Instagram, celebrating the start to summer has stung a bit if I’m to be completely honest.  We’ve had a rocky few weeks in the Boulder Locavore household with everyone getting some form of a virus, our three dogs being wheeled in and out of Vets at all hours of the day and night, Jury Duty for me and a last week of school full of Finals for my eldest, and school closing activities … CONTINUE READING