Winetasting 101 with Boulder Creek Winery (Boulder, CO)


Last week offered a serendipitous, 360 degree moment for me.  Earlier in the year, noted local winery Boulder Creek Winery issued an article on their blog of the 5 Boulder Food and Drink blogs that they read.  I was graced to be included as was friend and fellow blogger Grace Boyle from Grace(full) Plate.  The call out gave way to like minds realizing there is no medium currently to corral the food and drink media talent in Boulder (which is abundant with more than 40 food bloggers alone) with the opportunity to mix, mingle and explore all our local food/drink landscape has to offer (which is vast).  Grace and I organized what is now known as Boulder Food Media, a group welcoming any and all food/drink-related writers, photographers and bloggers to meet regularly at local businesses to … {continue reading}

Golden Oven-Baked Pancake Topped with Sauteed Peaches


Colorado is known for many things.  Our microbrew industry.  Our skiing.  300 days of sunshine a year.  Being the thinnest state in the U.S.  But something we locals covet, and those in the food industry do too, is our Peaches. On the western slope of the Rocky Mountains in the area of Palisades is our peach growing mecca.  The fertile valley is home to most of Colorado’s orchards and wine grape growing.  I know Georgia is proud of their peaches and I visited Thorsby Alabama once which sports a peach shaped water tower and a festival  but I’m here to say ‘they got nothin’’ on Colorado peaches. We have just begun to get the first of the season’s peaches from the Western Slope in Boulder.  I enjoy a farm CSA share weekly which includes a fruit share from the Western Slope.  We’ve … {continue reading}

Tiny Gooseberry Pies


The bulk of my working career has been spent in the field of High Tech in Silicon Valley California.  I worked with a number of engineers and at one holiday party we got into a conversation about being in the ‘Gold Chain Club’.  Many of my colleagues were older, having been married for some time with grown children.  We were within striking distance of Christmas and they were bemoaning the task of finding a gift for their wives.  They commiserated over the wives usually preferring jewelry however anything implying ‘taste’ on the husband’s part would surely fail.  Watches seemed a cusp item, not a ‘sure fail’ as earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces had uniformly been proven to be.  They felt their children could ‘wrap up dirt’ and give it to their wives and it would be the favorite gift … {continue reading}

Raspberry Pandowdy and Hoot ‘n Howl Farm You-Pick Raspberries

Raspberry Pandowdy |

Have you ever driven along a country road and seen a sign for fresh produce?  Did you wonder about it?  Did you stop and investigate? I have found myself driving a familiar route, spotting such a sign and ignoring it.  Somehow it becomes part of the landscape.  I have however over the past few years given in to temptation, stopped to explore and have always been so pleased I did.  Treasures await my friends behind those modest, often handwritten signs. One such discovery was last summer when (for locals) driving on Jay Road north of Boulder I spotted a sign for Hoot ‘n Howl Farm.  Seemed like maybe a small garden farm stand in a driveway shaded by soaring Cottonwood trees.  It was so much more. Hoot ‘n Howl’s name comes from having a pair of nesting Great Horned Owls … {continue reading}

Sour Cream Cherry Cake

Sour Cream Cherry Cake gluten free |

When I was growing up we had a pie cherry tree in our backyard.  Today I would be over the moon to have such a treasure in close proximity since I travel far to pick my own pie cherries every summer.  However as a teenager, with picking and pitting cherries being one of my chores, I was tempted to buy a chain saw and do away with the tree on more than one occasion rationalizing George Washington did the same and his life turned out ok. We are in the heart of cherry season right now.  I find when eating seasonally one is flooded with a given fruit or vegetable, often to the point of overload and then it’s gone.  I’m in the ‘what else can I make?’ phase of cherries.  I’ve made a large batch of gorgeous ruby-colored jam.  I’ve eaten them raw in high volume.  I’ve made Cherry-Blueberry Cloud … {continue reading}

Patriotic Fruit Salads


Watermelon stars (cut out with cookie cutters) I met my husband on July 4th.  Well technically I did not meet him but we really found each other over the holiday.  We each were living in California at the time working in different areas of the same company.  I made plans with mutual friends to rent a house in Lake Tahoe over the long holiday, loving being in the mountains and hoping for some relaxing fun.  ‘Husband-shopping’ was about as far from my consciousness as you could imagine.  But then that’s when these things are most likely to happen, right?!One of our first group activities planned was a hike at Squaw Valley ski area.  Park, ride the chair lift up to the top of the mountain to hike.  I owned a relatively new luxury car at the time and as we were driving to the ski area my now … {continue reading}