The Best Butternut Squash Curry butternut squash curry 907

A sure sign of a great dish for me is when I’m editing photos of it for a blog post I can’t wait to eat it again.  That is the case for this Butternut Squash Curry. Like mouth watering ‘excuse me for a second’ while I have a serving now kind of ‘can’t wait’. I have always loved curry.  When I was growing up my mom would periodically make it I’m sure with something like chicken, nothing as exotic as squash.  Probably my favorite part was the layering on of the condiments.  Surrounding the steamy bowl of curry would be small bowls of raisins, peanuts, coconut, fried canned chow mien noodles, chutneys and I’m sure something else I’ve forgotten.  I love the different flavors in every bite; tangy, vinegary, sweet, salty all against a backdrop of savory, spicy curry.  After living in Asia … {continue reading}

Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins & Whipped Honey-Maple Cinnamon Butter pumpkin cornbread muffins in antique holder 929-001

With Thanksgiving on the horizon I’m on the hunt for new recipes to compliment our favorite annual staples.   It’s always tenuous to consider dropping a family favorite to try something new but being one who thrives on diversity, I have nothing against mountains of leftovers if it means more options on Thanksgiving. For a number of years now we have purchased our turkey through our CSA farm, Cure Organic Farm, loving the both the quality of the birds and the circumstances of its raising.  This year we’ve learned many turkey farms are not raising turkeys due to the increased price of feed as an impact of the drought.  One of those ‘connect the dots’ moments one does not think about being a consequence of sweltering summer temps and no rain. This year we’ll be having a heritage … {continue reading}

Reflections & Recipes for the Best Gluten Free Thanksgiving {Spicy Honey Cranberry Sauce}

Spicy Honey Cranberry Sauce #glutenfree |

Having eaten gluten up until 7 years ago, the only peril at the extended family Thanksgiving prior was dodging the ‘orange juice potatoes’ (what I thought the sweet potatoes with marshmallows were).  It was not until I became gluten free, as well did my young children, that I realized all that is woven through a food-based holiday intending to be inclusive.  When you have a dietary restriction it’s almost impossible not to feel left out. The first Thanksgiving I hosted after becoming gluten free, I’d been gluten free about 4 months and my children about one month.  We were folding in friends and extended family, everyone bringing their own favorites as we always had encouraged.  I was sure the core foods would be gluten free since we were making them and felt anything that might arrive … {continue reading}

Seckel Pear Soft Shelled Creme Tart Seckel Pear Soft Shelled Creme Tart

Sometime last month I waltzed into my local neighborhood food market expecting to dash in and out, retrieving the few items I needed and to quickly flee.  I was however stopped dead in my tracks upon entering the store.  There in front of me was a collection of the most dainty, diminutive pears I’d ever seen and I was instantly smitten.  Tiny pears.  I mean, American Doll size pears.  I was filling a bag before I knew it, marveling all the while, not knowing if I’d cook with them or use them as an accessory. Seckel Pears are certainly petite, about 2 ½ inches tall and are about 2 inches around.  They have a milder flavor than many other larger pear varieties.  They are usually available between September and December so this is the time to be on the lookout for them.  Part of their … {continue reading}

Cranberry Pecan Goat Cheese Roll & an Etsy Giveaway! cranberry pecan goat cheese roll 838-001

We’ve kicked Halloween to the curb and passed through the gateway to ‘The Season of Cooking’.  Each year following the exhale on November 1 I turn my sights on the coming weeks of harvest foods, Thanksgiving preparation, holiday baking and seasonal cocktails.  For me this season is inseparable from my collection of aprons. Truth be told I don’t love to shop without purpose.  I’m not a mall walker, a window shopper; I simply don’t have the time.  Whenever I’m looking for something that would be better if homemade, from cottage industry or unique one-of-a-kind pieces I look first on Etsy.  For those not familiar with Etsy it’s an online marketplace for handmade items, vintage wares, consumables and unique finds.  It is populated with personal online ‘shops’ from all over offering … {continue reading}

The Spicy Maiden cocktail & The Athena Project spicy maiden cocktail 773

Regular Boulder Locavore readers may have pondered how much time I spend passed out in a gutter with my dress over my head for the amount of cocktails and infusions I publish.  In all actuality I’m a ‘quality vs. quantity’ kinda girl so volume consumption is not my thing.  My love for a unique cocktail however has afforded me some fun opportunities; one of which just last week when asked to judge a mixology contest for the Athena Project, a local non-profit run by women and focusing on women in the performing arts.  I popped on their website which beams with positive vitality and happily agreed. Named for the goddess Athena, an eclectic deity sponsoring efforts from war strategy to the arts, the women involved in this project struck me as equally versatile; all vibrant, radiant souls … {continue reading}