Molecular Magic with Chef Ian Kleinman at Studio F


Marinated Tomatoes and Strawberries (Tandoori mozzarella sheet, whipped burnt balsamic, candied micro basil), left, and Lump Crab Crème Brulee (soy sugar, ginger poached pears, habanero tobiko), right   I’m not sure exactly what I expected when venturing to Studio F for an evening of local Chef Ian Kleinman’s molecular gastronomy cuisine.  I can say I assumed it would be somewhat petit, austere food that if I were really sophisticated I’d be ‘intrigued’ by and speak of descriptively in very high brow terminology.  My only real prior exposure to the genre was Top Chef Season 2 with Marcel’s endless foams.   For those not familiar with molecular gastronomy it truly is an intersection of science and food and drink preparation.  Scientific techniques and utensils are used to … {continue reading}

Tri Color Chipotle Bacon Potato Salad


Memorial Day weekend is synonymous with grilling and eating al fresco for me.  When thinking of my weekend menus there is not even a question they will all be served outside, Mother Nature permitting.  In a seasonal locale such as Colorado, outdoor dining spaces become reawakened this long weekend from being mothballed for the winter.  They really do feel like an additional room in the house begging to be cleaned up and enjoyed through the mid to late fall.There are foods that really must be eaten outdoors and potato salad is one of them.  I’ve always liked the standard potato salad but as an adult find myself growing tired of anything rote.  I’m a Gemini.  I get bored easily and crave color, texture and vibrant flavors in my food.I love exploring and discovering new things in life and … {continue reading}

Smoky Watermelon-Jalapeno Margarita

Smoky Watermelon Jalapeno Margaritas | DSC_0813

  When I look back in time I see the bread crumbs leading me to put cyber pen to paper about my love for food and drink.  Looking through travel photo albums, I’ll find a random cocktail photo or a plate of food I snapped ; something that just caught my eye for the color, texture and natural composition. Similarly I’ve found scribbled recipes on the back of flight ticket jackets or in notebooks gone astray in my active switching out of purses and tote bags.  I just rediscovered one such notebook.  It was full of odd recorded thoughts, memos, and reminders spanning a vast period of time.  Buried in the haphazard content was a recipe that I instantly remembered writing down from an inflight magazine, being intrigued by the flavor combinations.  I flashed on a desperate scene of rummaging … {continue reading}

Chocolate Truffle Cookies


I am not a ‘Mommy Blogger’ but I am a mom who blogs.  For the most part I don’t fold my family activities in with my food and drink exploits in print, though this past Mother’s Day offered a recipe too good not to share.I like a simple Mother’s Day.  No ‘stuff’.  I believe the most valuable gift one can share is their time so some good food and simple moments are all I need.  A day without laundry responsibilities works for me too.  After being asked to relocate to a different area in the house I eventually began to smell the distinct wafts of chocolate from the kitchen.  I came down to find the most gorgeous Chocolate Truffle Cookies (gluten free) baked at the hands of my third grade son (with some supervision from my husband).  He was beaming with accomplishment and rightly so after … {continue reading}

Pineapple-Sage Olive Oil Cake with a Port Glaze and Roasted Pepitas


I fondly refer to the busy nature of this time of year as trying to fit a size 24 woman into a size 2 dress for all the deliverables.  Whether one is beholden to the frenzy of the end of a school year or the abrupt seasonal shift to summer, it always seems a bit madcap to me.  Despite farm fresh produce starting to unveil itself for a new season I have been feeling that making gluten free frozen pizza nightly for dinner is even too difficult to find the time for of late. This past weekend bore a reprieve from our almost 90 degrees temps with fog and rain.  After living for years in Northern California I delight in the rare appearance of fog in Boulder.  It completely transforms the landscape and always makes me feel I have a valid excuse to stay at home.  Like a Pavlovian reaction to the … {continue reading}

‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ Chef Jenna Johansen Dazzles at Studio F


A preview video of Bravo’s ‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ (Note to Email Subscribers: to view video, click on blog post title in subscription email to read post on blog website)Wednesday night was the premiere of Bravo TV’s latest brainchild ‘Around the World in 80 Plates’.  Nothing less than a visionary premise, the show combines the best elements of Bravo’s Top Chef with CBS’s ‘The Amazing Race’ to offer a frenetic race around the planet with chef contestant’s giving their best shot at preparing authentic local cuisine whose merit is ultimately judged by locals.  I was enthralled watching it all unfold.  The adventure began with the two chef teams running frantically through the streets of London on a gluttonous pub crawl without clear purpose.   I had a similar palpable reaction to the … {continue reading}