Seckel Pear Soft Shelled Creme Tart Seckel Pear Soft Shelled Creme Tart

Sometime last month I waltzed into my local neighborhood food market expecting to dash in and out, retrieving the few items I needed and to quickly flee.  I was however stopped dead in my tracks upon entering the store.  There in front of me was a collection of the most dainty, diminutive pears I’d ever seen and I was instantly smitten.  Tiny pears.  I mean, American Doll size pears.  I was filling a bag before I knew it, marveling all the while, not knowing if I’d cook with them or use them as an accessory. Seckel Pears are certainly petite, about 2 ½ inches tall and are about 2 inches around.  They have a milder flavor than many other larger pear varieties.  They are usually available between September and December so this is the time to be on the lookout for them.  Part of their … {continue reading}

Cranberry Pecan Goat Cheese Roll & an Etsy Giveaway! cranberry pecan goat cheese roll 838-001

We’ve kicked Halloween to the curb and passed through the gateway to ‘The Season of Cooking’.  Each year following the exhale on November 1 I turn my sights on the coming weeks of harvest foods, Thanksgiving preparation, holiday baking and seasonal cocktails.  For me this season is inseparable from my collection of aprons. Truth be told I don’t love to shop without purpose.  I’m not a mall walker, a window shopper; I simply don’t have the time.  Whenever I’m looking for something that would be better if homemade, from cottage industry or unique one-of-a-kind pieces I look first on Etsy.  For those not familiar with Etsy it’s an online marketplace for handmade items, vintage wares, consumables and unique finds.  It is populated with personal online ‘shops’ from all over offering … {continue reading}

The Spicy Maiden cocktail & The Athena Project spicy maiden cocktail 773

Regular Boulder Locavore readers may have pondered how much time I spend passed out in a gutter with my dress over my head for the amount of cocktails and infusions I publish.  In all actuality I’m a ‘quality vs. quantity’ kinda girl so volume consumption is not my thing.  My love for a unique cocktail however has afforded me some fun opportunities; one of which just last week when asked to judge a mixology contest for the Athena Project, a local non-profit run by women and focusing on women in the performing arts.  I popped on their website which beams with positive vitality and happily agreed. Named for the goddess Athena, an eclectic deity sponsoring efforts from war strategy to the arts, the women involved in this project struck me as equally versatile; all vibrant, radiant souls … {continue reading}

Spooky Taco Cheese Ball and Ghoulish Green Goddess Dip

spooky taco cheese ball

Halloween is always a crazy day in our house.  Regardless of how much early planning goes into effect, the giddiness of the holiday takes hold making it difficult to sit down for a focused meal before goblins and ghouls arrive (and mine go out candy-seeking).  Historically I’ve found it best to assemble quick eats so tummies are lined for the long night of adrenaline and sweets (or for the ‘Trick or Drinking’ some of the neighbors host). Many of the recipes I’ve shared this month line a festive table for family and friends to dip into between outings.  We always have ‘drop in’s’ who welcome a quick nosh before setting out Trick-or-Treating again. I’m a bit bent on sticking with a Halloween color theme which honestly DOES amplify the excitement of the evening.  These two recipes … {continue reading}

Pumpkin Chipotle Cream Pasta Sauce pumpkin chipotle cream pasta sauce 674 lr

Despite the temptation, October cannot be spent existing solely on spooky treats.  We’d all be psychotic by Halloween or suffering a sucrose coma in the least.  Admittedly I’m having trouble letting the whimsy of the holiday go, wanting to eke out every last moment until November 1. I challenged myself this week to consider making something with pumpkin that felt festive to the season but not baked or soup.  I don’t know that I’ve ever used pumpkin outside those two food genres.  Somehow incorporating it into pasta piqued my curiosity and I set out to whip up a spicy rendition of a pasta cream sauce staying true to the fall flavors. I love the smoky flavors of chipotle en adobo and that immediately sprang to mind.  To my good fortunate the experimentation unveiled a creamy, … {continue reading}

‘Becoming Van Gogh’ & The Vincent cocktail

One of three of Van Gogh's self portraits in the exhibit.  I learned he had two different color eyes.  {Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait with Straw Hat, 1887. Oil on canvas. Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation).}

  The Denver Art Museum has hit is out of the park (again) with the newly opened ‘Becoming Van Gogh’ exhibit which tracks Vincent Van Gogh’s  largely self taught journey as an artist for the 10 years prior to his unexpected death.  Though the works are extraordinary, perhaps more impressive is the fact that this exhibit was conceived of by the Denver Art Museum and curated thus so, with the help of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.   Seventy Van Gogh works, as well as 20 works of the Masters who inspired him, sourced from 60 lenders in 40 countries make up this show representing a tenacious decade of effort and one that expires in aggregate after the show’s end January 20, 2013.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I did not know much about Van Gogh’s evolution as I would … {continue reading}