Candy Cane Chocolate Chip Scones {gluten-free}

Candy Cane Chocolate Chip Scones #gluten-free |

Christmas morning has always been a prescribed ritual in my family tradition and one I’ve carried on in my own family as an adult.  We were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve which for my children is a new pair of pajamas and usually a new Christmas ornament with some meaning for the year.  We always bake for Santa, leaving cookies out Christmas Eve (this year I rounded up some fantastic gluten-free cookie options, 24 to be exact, and it will be difficult to choose!). On Christmas … CONTINUE READING

Sparkling Sugar Plums

Sparkling Sugar Plums -

Pretty, shiny things; I love them.  Sparkly things are all the better.  I suspect I was a Magpie in a prior life. Even better than pretty, shiny things are friends that make them and I have one of mine to share with you today.  I’ve been fortunate to know my friend Alison of Alison Blair Studio since our eldest tots were in Kindergarten together.  She herself is a bright shiny person and I’ve adored her from the start. Alison is a jewelry artisan whose wares can be found in boutiques in … CONTINUE READING

Homemade DIY Gifts: 25 Natural Bath and Beauty Recipes

Homemade DIY Gifts 25 Natural Bath and Beauty recipes

Are you hearing that sound?  The tick tock of an imaginary holiday clock heightening the angst about your last minute gift giving?  Teachers, coaches, neighbors, the ladies in the school office, your postal carrier; all those people whom you want to acknowledge but are finding you are running out of ideas and possibly resources. For the last two weeks I’ve shared a collection of ideas for Homemade DIY gifts; the first for Seasoning Blends and Extracts, the second for Liqueurs and Infusions.  … CONTINUE READING

Double Mint Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes

Double Mint Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes -

Last week I was dreaming up a luscious holiday shake to make at home and celebrate the seasons.  Loving the flavors of mint and chocolate in the Arctic Peppermint Mocha Milkshake, I had the idea to make some fun, easy dipped candy canes to go along with the shakes or eat on their own.  I love all the visuals of holiday candies; they are so magical and whimsical. These charming Double Mint Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes are simple to make, delicious to eat and would make perfect stirring sticks … CONTINUE READING

Favorite Kitchen Things: Gift Guide and Giveaway {$360}!

Favorite Kitchen Things Gift Guide and Giveaway #LeCreuset

It’s a week and a half until Christmas; are you ready?  I’m not. Half my family was horribly sick over the past week leaving us Christmas tree-less until Thursday when upon considering the schedule for this weekend (first high school swim meet Friday night, all day Lego League State Championship Saturday, 9 a.m. 3D/IMAX showing of The Hobbit Sunday with my high schooler cramming for finals in any available moment in between), my 10 year old and I went out solo to score a tree, get it home and … CONTINUE READING

Brined Lemon-Ginger Roasted Turkey Breast with Pear Port Glaze

Brined Lemon-Ginger Roasted Turkey Breast with Pear Port Glaze |

I realize we’ve just finished off turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving so considering cooking more turkey may not be the first thing on the menu.  However with the Christmas celebrations as well as New Year’s coming quickly, turkey often is a star player once again. Something most do not consider when making turkey is only cooking a turkey breast instead of a whole bird.  They are quite large usually weighing between 4-6 pounds offering plenty of meat for a large crowd.  The true test of a well … CONTINUE READING