How Silk Soy Milk Helped My Family Bloom

Soy milk, glass, gluten-free cereal flakes -

My thanks to Silk for allowing me to share my family's true story with you... Stop a minute and consider all the ways you use milk each day.  In your morning cereal?  A splash in the coffee that kicks off the day?  Maybe a cold glass with some cookies for an after school treat?  Do you bake?  Make pancakes on Sunday mornings?  We use milk in everything even if we don’t realize it. Nine years ago I found myself feeling exhausted.  Like ‘maybe-I-have-Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome’ exhausted.  … CONTINUE READING

Leprechaun Tracks Ice Cream

Leprechuan Tracks Ice Cream-

Can we talk about Leprechauns for a minute?  Do you believe in them? I think everyone around the world knows about the little Irish fairy folk.  Pointy shoes, a smart little green suit appointed with shamrocks here and there.  I have never personally SEEN a Leprechaun but I have seen movies about them and I have experienced their aftermath.  I believe they are clever, feisty beings with a trickster nature and a hunger for gold.  I’d venture they’d easily be described as ‘naughty’ and … CONTINUE READING

Double Irish Trouble {adult milkshake}

Double Irish Trouble {adult milkshake} -

This milkshake is for those of drinking age to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  Please drink responsibly! As we near St. Patrick’s Day, I’m brimming with inspiration for fun food to celebrate.  Some are actual recipes I’ve gotten while traveling in Ireland, and others a more whimsical take for the holiday. Much of my travel to Ireland was before I was gluten-free so I was able to taste freshly brewed Guinness and Harp beers, the latter being produced in a town close to where I’d frequent … CONTINUE READING

What It’s Like Being a Gluten-Free Kid

What It's Like to be a Gluten-Free Kid |

Each month I contribute thoughts and tips about living a gluten-free lifestyle as an Ambassador for the Udi’s Gluten Free Community.  I am so grateful to have this opportunity for when my children and I became gluten-free nine years ago I did not even know what gluten was.  It was through copious online research, reading of books, consulting with nutritionists and doctors that helped me get my family on solid nutritional and social ground.  My hope is to shed light and information from which … CONTINUE READING

Irish Potato Soup

Irish Potato Soup-

My family tapestry is one that is very culturally eclectic.  My maternal side of the family hails from the U.K. primarily, with deep roots in Scotland on my Grandmother’s side.  As a Yank my heritage has always seemed distant and muddled; only relatable through family trees and Grandparent stories. I once was traveling in Scotland for business then stayed on to attend a workshop given by an American friend which was held in a tiny town outside of Edinburgh Scotland.  I was in a small market … CONTINUE READING

Black Forest Gateau and the Irish Country Cookbook {Giveaway}

Black Forest Gateau {Irish Country Cooking} -

I have been fortunate to travel and live in other parts of the world.  Everywhere I’ve been holds a unique charm but for me there is no place quite like Ireland.  I had no preconceived notion about it before going there on my first business trip more years ago than I care to mention, but remember a defining moment as I exited the plane door onto the top of the stairs down to the tarmac; I felt like I was ‘home’. This feeling was further cemented in my encounters with everyone I met there, … CONTINUE READING