Summer Grilled Chicken Chopped Salad with White Balsamic Dressing

Summer Grilled Chicken Chopped Salad -

I’ve been waiting patiently to share a fabulous summer salad I fell head over heels for on a recent trip to Las Vegas:  Summer Grilled Chicken Chopped Salad with White Balsamic Dressing.  The time finally feels right with the past five weeks of clockwork snow storms behind us and our temperatures bypassing spring and heading straight for the dog days of high summer this week. Over part of Spring Break we flew to Las Vegas for a multi-generational family gathering.  We were a group of varied … CONTINUE READING

Silly Sea Creatures {recipe} and ‘Noodlemania!’ cookbook Giveaway!

Silly Sea Creatures {Quirk Books}

When I received a review copy of Noodlemania 50 Playful Pasta Recipes, chock full of simple dishes for kids, I handed the book over to my children immediately.  All I needed was a quick thumb through to appreciate the full whimsy of the quirky, cute cookbook geared toward kids and packed with recipes kids can make themselves if old enough to cook (my son is 10 and needed only a bit of supervision).  The book feels happy, covering hot and cold recipes, savory and sweet as well as cooking tips, … CONTINUE READING

The Spring Fling cocktail

Spring Fling Cocktail |

I’ve always said I’m not a ‘Mommy Blogger’ but rather a mom who blogs.  I’ve been pretty low key about being a mom, not mentioning it at all for the first year of blogging really wanting my voice to be heard as a writer and not a mom.  Having said that, raising a family has been my most fun adventure to date.  I’m blessed with two lovely human beings as children and could not be prouder.  I’m thankful for the other moms I’ve met along the way with whom I’ve shared the discoveries and challenges … CONTINUE READING

Teacup Panna Cotta with Berries in Creme de Violette Syrup

Teacup Panna Cotta with Berries in Creme de Violette syrup |

Mother’s Day is my favorite day of the entire year, hands down.  Even more than my birthday.  It’s like Hallmark handed me an ‘off duty’ pass and everyone knows it.  Last year each of my children wanted to cook something for me.  My son, the youngest, Googled ‘gluten free food kids can cook themselves’ to land on some gluten-free chocolate truffle cookies which he made in secret (with a little help from my husband).  My daughter pulled out her American Girl Doll mini food cookbook and made a … CONTINUE READING

Gather: a Spontaneous Intimate Dinner & a Beet Down {cocktail}

Gather {an intimate spontaneous dinner} |

Ordinarily when I attend a dinner that I know I’ll be sharing on my blog, I research first so I’m prepared.  This was not the case last week when heading to Denver for ‘Gather: a Spontaneous Intimate Dinner’ at the Denver Botanic Gardens featuring locally-heralded chef, Daniel Asher, from the hot spots Root Down and Linger.  Sheepishly I’ll admit I had not done my homework in this case, however had I there would not be much to find.  I had been invited with a very small group of media to … CONTINUE READING

Salad Ole with Avocado-Tequila-Lime Dressing

Salad Ole with Tequila-Avocado Dressing -

It’s a mistaken fact that Cinco de Mayo (‘the fifth of May’) signifies  Mexican Indepence Day.  Not so.  On May 5, 1862 at the battle of Puebla, Mexico overpowered the French army who were considered the worldwide dominating army of the time.  To commemorate this event the Mexican-Americans living in the American West called for celebration on May 5, hence founding the festivities we  know today. With Mexican culture being rooted in almost every region of the United States, the civic … CONTINUE READING