Spiced Indian Cauliflower and Potatoes {Aloo Gobi}

Spiced Indian Cauliflower and Potatoes {Aloo Gobi} | BoulderLocavore.com

I will admit I cannot resist a novel fruit or vegetable.  I love the abundance of color at this time of year and sampling traditional produce in eye-catching colors.  I believe the vibrancy of their hue perks up interest in eating vegetables which might otherwise be dismissed. There are many vegetables I prefer to eat raw, not loving their flavor change when they are cooked.  Invariably however paired with some sultry spice and I’m smitten.  I had a bit of a hiatus in dining out for international cuisine after discovering I was gluten intolerant.  After traveling and living around the world, eating everything I chose, the culinary brakes went on as I found my way through the maze of gluten and eating gluten free. We’ve been talking about this in the Udis Gluten Free Community … {continue reading}

{Gluten-Free} Blood Orange Magic Cake with Candied Almond Slices

Magic Cake BoulderLocavore.com 286

Have you ever heard of ‘Magic Cake’?  Chances are if you are not a food blogger you haven’t.  And probably uttered a little gasp of enchantment when reading the name. If you ARE a food blogger, you will be rolling your eyes and saying ‘her too?!’  I’d venture to say it’s a Cake-Gone-Viral on social media and food blogs.  Normally I’d head the other direction when something begins to be mass replicated, always striving not to do what everyone else is doing.  However I have a penchant for whimsy, am a sucker for a good recipe name (Hummingbird Cake for instance) and love anything that transforms itself while baking (early Easy Bake Oven memories I suppose).  And despite reading ‘all the cool kids are making it’ (a very funny blog post featuring a hazelnut version of the recipe from local … {continue reading}

The Art of the Artichoke

How to Trim an Artichoke {pictorial} | BoulderLocavore.com

There is absolutely nothing intuitive about Artichokes; how to pick them, cook them and certainly not how to eat them.  Being a large member of the thistle family it’s a wonder in the culinary history of mankind that their off-putting exterior was ever penetrated to discover the soft, delicious meat of the underside of their scrappy-looking leaves. When I was growing up my maternal Grandparents lived in Northern California.  They had a flat in San Francisco where my Grandfather worked during the week, and a weekend home on the Monterey Peninsula.  I loved to visit them for vacation.  We’d spend a great time in San Francisco then wind our way inland down to the Monterey Peninsula, leaving civilization behind to transition through the brown rolling hills landing in Castroville en route to … {continue reading}

Raspberry-Vanilla double glazed Sugar Cookies with Sugared Pansies

Raspberry-Vanilla glazed Sugar cookies with Sugared Pansies | BoulderLocavore.com #glutenfree

In my last post I shared an Edible Flower Springtime Tea Party.  As I write there are 12 inches of new snow surrounding my house with more on the way!  I’ll rely on these photos and recipes to remind me it IS spring, though springtime in the Rockies is ‘fickle’ to say the least! It’s hard to pick favorites with these lovely treats but I must say I found these Raspberry-Vanilla double glazed Sugar Cookies with Sugared Pansies breathtakingly fun and beautiful.  Sugaring pansies, or any edible flower, is very quick and easy.  A thin coat of egg white (note: using pasteurized eggs are important to avoid any risk of Salmonella from the raw egg), a sprinkling of fine baking sugar, and some patience while they set up (about 20 minutes for these mini varieties) seem a small price to pay … {continue reading}

Edible Flower Springtime Tea Party

Edible Flower Springtime Tea Party | BoulderLocavore.com

When was the last time you had a Tea Party?  With cookies, cakes, tea, friends (big or small but not just stuffed  animal friends)?  I don’t know when I did either.  Time to change that.  The onset of spring breathes new life into everything and for me my creativity abounds searching for outlets. I’m not sure what made me quest for a tea party but it became an idea like a carpool, picking up aspects along the road until it arrived at becoming an Edible Flower Springtime Tea Party.  As I began to spin through ideas I quickly became overwhelmed wondering where the heck I’d find the time to prepare everything from scratch.  I would of course need to have a gluten free tea and then the idea hit me: what about purchasing high quality baked goods and embellishing them to the theme of the … {continue reading}

Cheesy Ham and Black Bean Nachos

Cheesy Ham and Black Bean Nachos | BoulderLocavore.com

I don’t know about you but by the time Friday night rolls around I want simple food; easy to prepare, flavorful and quick.  I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone who does not (a) like Mexican food, or (b) does not find Nachos the food embodiment of relaxation and fun.  It’s a communal dish and one easy to change up based on what’s in season, what’s on hand or for one’s mood. Or in my case, based on how much leftover Easter ham they have. Would you ever think to put ham on Nachos?  Me either, but now I’m wondering why the heck not!  Ham (and pork in general) interleaves perfectly with south-of-the-border flavors.  In my quest to creatively weave ham into unexpected dishes this idea came to mind with smashing results. Nachos are such a simple dish I think they get shortchanged.  … {continue reading}