Easy Holiday Breakfast Recipes

Pumpkin Roasted Banana Bread with Cranberries BoulderLocaovre.com

Christmas Eve and Christmas, as well as New Year’s Day are bustling with so many activities.  I find my family settles into a lower key pace, letting Christmas Day especially unfold as it may.  But everyone still has to eat!  For us the holiday dinners take most of the focus wanting to do something special to mark the occasion. In my family history Christmas breakfast was practiced in a very specific way. I’m sure not intentionally but after multiple generations have experienced it things became cast in stone!  Stockings are a big thing.  Everyone gets up whenever the earliest riser wakes the household to stumble down to the Christmas tree and stockings.  A gift for my nuclear family is that I’ve needlepointed elaborate stockings for each my husband and kids (fortunately when our family … {continue reading}

Eggnog Pie: The Holiday Party Pie!

Eggnog Pie | BoulderLocavore.com

This Eggnog Pie shot to the top of my ‘Favorite Holiday Dessert’ list with the first bite.  No  joke.  The holidays are earmarked with specific flavors that are only enjoyed at that time of year; eggnog is certainly an anchor for that.  The first true taste of the season for me has to be a gently heated mug of eggnog with some rum.  Its soul-warming familiarity ushers in the spirit we all so love at this time of year. If you like eggnog, you’ll love this pie.  With a rich custard filling of freshly made eggnog and rum, the pie offers a silky, elegant taste of the season in a new form.  The flavors are full and sophisticated, the texture creamy; it tastes like a holiday party.  Whether for a one or two, or a large gathering, I feel sure you too will find yourself making this pie … {continue reading}

Gingerbread Cake with Butter Rum Toffee Sauce

BoulderLocavore.com Gingerbread Cake with Butter Rum Toffee Sauce

This has been a very weird holiday season I must admit.  Something about the timing of Thanksgiving to Christmas and the weather staying in the mid to high 60’s has definitely contributed to an overall ‘it’s not December’ vibe.  Additional significant events that are not holiday related pulled attention from diving into the holiday prep pond for me too.  We woke to snow yesterday and though it may all melt away soon, it has moved me closer to feeling Santa may actually arrive next week and not in an Aloha shirt as our weather has suggested could be the case. Gingerbread is synonymous with Christmastime don’t you think?  Though normally thought of in the form of little, simply shaped men I whipped up this luscious Gingerbread Cake.  I found the recipe in a recipe file I had in college … {continue reading}

Cranberry Tapioca with Orange-Nutmeg Whipped Cream

BoulderLocavore.com cranberry tapioca

My favorite childhood dessert was definitely tapioca pudding.  I don’t have a memory of dessert being a mainstay of our family dinners and certainly when we had it, it was more simple.  Tapioca pudding and Lemon Custard with a Pillow Top are the two desserts I really remember.  And a three layer parfait creation from Jello.  Never extravagant two layer cakes or pies; those were reserved for more special occasions. I’m not sure what has happened to tapioca pudding.  We buy it occasionally at our neighborhood market where they sell a wholesome, clean ingredients version that is thick, rich and creamy.  Somehow it seems tapioca’s simplicity has been left in a bygone era of desserts and has been overtaken by sexier confections boasting Salted Caramel, Nutella or Dulce de Leche. Last … {continue reading}

Food for Thought and a Call to Action

Million Mom March for Gun Control 2000: 'Flowers are Good; Guns are Bad'.  Mobilizaing for Common Sense Gun Control.

My first born was about six weeks old when the Columbine High School shooting massacre took place in 1999.  As one remembers meaningful events, I too recall exactly where I was when I learned about it.  I was living in California at the time, rocking my daughter to sleep for her morning nap.  Though only a new mother, my heart had already sustained the inalterable transformation that a mother’s heart will once their children are born.  It is impossible to articulate though once crossing into motherhood, a woman is never the same.  The plight of anyone’s child is felt as she knows her own child could be subject to the same fate. I had the TV on and news of the shooting came on.  I was in utter disbelief that such peril existed in the world let alone at the hands of children and befalling … {continue reading}

Christmas Joy Bomb cookies & Homemade Snow Globes

BoulderLocavore.com Christmas Joy Bombs cookies and Homemade DIY Snow Globes

I was recently looking through some vintage recipes for any seasonal, holiday recipes to try.  There were a few that caught my eye and a holiday cookie recipe was among them.  I love traveling back in time to resurrect recipes that may have fallen by the wayside as the cyber-highway has taken over the world.  This cookie recipe is from the 1930’s.  On the back of the browned paper is an advertisement for ‘Beverly Chiffon Hose’, a silk stocking of the day selling for $1.15. The recipe attracted my attention both for the ingredients, and the name; Christmas Nuggets.  The cookie read to be a simple cookie chock full of currants, nuts and a mix of dried fruits (which I customized for the season in my take of the recipe).  It presented a welcome break from the chocolate, truffles, candy … {continue reading}