DIY Tangelo-Cardamom Vodka & a Valentine’s Cocktail!

DIY Homemade Tangelo-Cardamom Vodka Valentine's Cocktail |

I love celebrating the flavors of the season both in their natural form but in ways that keeps them around a bit longer too.  I personally love experimenting with infusing in liquor because it does not expire quickly.  I often use vodka, which has been cultivated to be neutral in flavor and color in most cases.  It’s perfect to absorb and showcase the essence of fruit, herbs and vegetables.   My home pantry tells the tale of my madcap antics in the form of abundant Mason jars in various stages of creation! It’s citrus season and though that is not a Colorado crop we are fortunate to have Snowbird relations who flee to warmer winter regions and share the bounty by shipping us boxes of fresh orchard fruit.  An accidental snafu on a recent order left us with triple the usual gift and … {continue reading}

Bacon Jam {recipe} & ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ cookbook #Giveway!

Bacon Jam from Breakfast for Dinner Cookbook (Quirk Books)

Having always been a strong proponent of ‘Backwards Day’ as a means to feature the delectable breakfast choices so often shortchanged at the hands of a busy work or school day, I was thrilled at the chance to review the new cookbook Breakfast for Dinner.  Lunch and dinner fare are often casually inner changed without a thought but somehow breakfast stands alone, rarely to be consumed at alternate times of day.  That will be over once this cookbook graces your kitchen shelves. I’ll start with a note of caution, do not read this cookbook when hungry.  It is full of eye-catching mouth-watering photos of recipes varying from main dishes, simple sides and beautiful beverages.   Packaged in a pleasing square shape, the cookbook’s graphics convey a hip-yet-rustic, approachable warmth we equate … {continue reading}

Bacon-Chipotle-Espresso Truffles & Valentine’s Food Artisan #Giveaway!

Bacon Chipotle Espresso Truffles Valentines Day

Love is meant to be shared as are great resources.  One of my favorite spots to find unique, one-of-a-kind, artisan items is  Etsy is an online marketplace where artisans of all sorts, craftspeople and resellers congregate with unique shops from which to browse and buy special and handcrafted items.  Over time I’ve built a relationship with some of those shops through buying their wares and feedback from readers and friends who have done the same.  Two of these food artisans are teaming with Boulder Locavore in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and offering some of their treats in a giveaway! Before diving headlong into the details I felt I needed to share a confection of my own: Bacon-Chipotle-Espresso Truffles.  If there is a chocolate season this is surely it, with chocolate … {continue reading}

Cherry Pound Cake Bread Pudding

Cherry Pound Cake Bread Pudding Valentine's Day BoulderLocavore

I don’t like wasting things especially something as delicious as the cherry-flavored pound cake I made for the Hidden Heart Valentine’s Pound Cake in my most recent blog post.  After cutting out the brilliant fuchsia hearts for the middle of the pound cake I found myself with a heap of scrap pound cake on my hands.  And though it was whittled down quickly by family drive-by nibbling, it felt to me to deserve a grander destiny! Winter is the time of year for stick-to-your-ribs desserts.  Rustic fare that is filling, warming and bursting with earthier, lingering flavors.  Bread pudding is a perfect match for the season often featuring plumped raisins, cinnamon and nuts.  It is so easy to whip up, to adapt and is particularly hospitable to leftover bread or muffins.  It does so in such a … {continue reading}

Hidden Heart Valentine’s Pound Cake

Valentines Heart Pound Cake

I have been chomping at the bit to get into Valentine’s food.  I have always loved Valentine’s Day.  It is such a happy occasion, just dwelling on love with the color pink abounding everywhere.  Ever since I was a child I’ve relished creating Valentine’s cards with secret messages in conversation heart candies and hours of artistry ensuring no one was missed.  There is a lot of Boulder Locavore love coming your way in the next few weeks and some fun surprises too so please stay tuned! Sometime last fall a clever photo on Pinterest caught my attention.  There was no corresponding recipe or article so I’m not even exactly sure what it was.  It looked like maybe some seasonal bread with a spice bread pumpkin shape in the middle.  I was instantly smitten.  Loving anything ‘with a … {continue reading}

Big Game {gluten free} Recipe Round Up

Wild Rice Sumac Cayenne Wings {gluten free}

  Now that the Super Bowl teams are locked and loaded, and the rivalry between the brother coaches of the 49’ers and the Ravens has piqued the curiosity of even the more mild football fans, it's time to think about parties and the food. This weekend off gives time to round up favorite tried-and-true dishes as well as track down some new things to try. The key to successful football party food is keeping it simple, loaded with flavor, serve-yourself and make beforehand.  Though I would not say the typical food featured on Boulder Locavore is 'football food' there are definitely plenty of dishes that do fill the bill. Dip-able, spreadable fare. Relaxed, inviting cuisine suggesting looser waistbands and slouching on comfy arm chairs. Easy to prepare and make-ahead dishes that … {continue reading}