Sedona Arizona: Red Rocks, Big Cats and a Prickly Pear Margarita {recipe}

Sedona Arizona & Prickly Pear Margarita recipe -

Our sun-seeking Boulder Locavore family-friendly Road Trip began with two driving days from Colorado, through New Mexico to land in Arizona.  After spending the first 24 hours of the trip peering over the edge into the plummeting depths of the Grand Canyon, the next 24 were spent gazing toward the heavens for the awe-inspiring, alien red rock formations of Sedona Arizona.  I will start by saying it’s this writer’s good fortune to be alive to record this portion of our trip due to the severe and frequent head swivels to gasp at yet another rock formation; beguiling in their color and unexpected prehistoric appearance.  Some believe magical energetic powers abound from local vortexes, making Sedona a hot spot for those spiritually moved.  Outdoor enthusiasts as well can find their spiritual … {continue reading}

Smoky Trail Mix

Smoky Trail Mix -

Are you a snacker?  I think more than being a snacker I can be a grazer.  I find myself on busy days eating small amounts of small foods rather than sitting down for three formal meals a day.  I suppose both approaches land at the same end result. Recently I was packaging individual snack size bags of Trail Mix for my son’s class for their TCAP’s (standardized school testing).  As often is the case I had about 900 deliverables at once so despite wanting to create something fun, like a robot made from a juice box, two mini raisin boxes, an applesauce snack bowl and googly eyes, he talked me off the crafty ledge to say they really did not have much time to nosh. I had the last day of the snack so took the extra goal of wanting it to be special.  The 9 days of testing had been full of … {continue reading}

Sunshine Smoothie

Sunshine Smoothie -

Beginning at after the New Year I started making Green Smoothies daily.  I found some fabulous flavor combinations and shared some of my favorites with you: Berry-Love smoothie, Green Zinger smoothie and the Bright Morning smoothie. Now as the weather warms, I’m craving fruit.  I’m sure partially out of dehydration from the long winter but also there are certain fruits for me that I associate with summer, vacation and the tropics.  Whenever I eat them I am transported to sunny beach, poolside sipping and that beloved feeling of the only thing I have to do is nothing! The teaser spring weather has jump started my desire for fruit smoothies.  Still healthy, generally using filtered water only with fresh fruit, I whipped one up in the spirit of Spring Break and summer arriving sooner than … {continue reading}

The Best Road Trip Breakfast Cookies

The Best Road Trip Breakfast Cookies -

We at Boulder Locavore love a good Road Trip and will be hitting the highway in search of sun.  We love free-wheeling for some great exploration, education and of course discovery of delicious regional cuisine.  We’ve taken you along through the fabulous food of New Mexico, vast open spaces and wineries of West Texas and the glorious Canadian Rockies.  After this winter we are anxious for warmth, shedding our parkas and Ugg boots,  and can’t wait to share our finds with you! With hours of driving to be had one challenge, especially for those gluten-free, is a nutritious food supply.  It’s easy to snack away in the car whether out of hunger and no time to scout an en route eatery, or frankly a little bit of boredom between the big stops. This trip we’ll be packing The Best Road Trip … {continue reading}

Springtime Asparagus Leek Romenesco Quiche

Springtime Aspargus Leek Romanesco Quiche -

Do you notice how as the seasons change your food cravings change as well?  For me pretty much everything changes.  We’ve been enduring an all too familiar, awkward winter-spring transition for a few weeks now.  A blustery frigid storm swoops in to drop minimal snow and lower temperatures enough for winter togs to be necessary.  The day following is sloppy and non-committal, followed by a third day stretching into the 60’s-70’s, melting everything defiantly reminding us it’s spring’s turn.  And then the cycle happens again, and again.  It’s a bit like watching children argue.  I tend to ignore them both ready to focus on whichever one wins which I know will be spring sooner or later. Last weekend we had a day in the high 70’s, unbelievable for March and desperately welcome after our … {continue reading}

I Grow Magic. What do you grow?

Yellow Tulips on weathered wood with blue wall -

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine. The whispering of spring’s arrival triggers lifelong instincts for me to get my hands in the earth. I’ve been asked by Miracle-Gro to share what I grow, which most know is often not merely the plants in our gardens.  I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t driven to grow things.  For me it has been a drive, a need, something as integrated with my being as are the color of my eyes or my hair.  As a child I would save my money and my mother would take me to the local Plantorium where I’d select small pots of unique houseplants; broad-leaved plants with purple fur on the leaves, trailing hanging plants to turn my room into a mock jungle, miniature flowering plants and touch-sensitive plants which … {continue reading}