The Grave Digger Cocktail

Grave Digger Cocktail |

Waiting can be so hard.  Though October has not quite arrived, Boulder Locavore has been besieged with readers and pinners looking ahead to Halloween!  I try to hold myself back from starting holiday recipes too soon for fear of burn out.  But somehow the whimsy of Halloween does not saturate our holiday senses as other holidays can.  I think no matter how young or old, the chance to become someone else and enjoy ghoulish food is always fun! There is no better way to kick off October than with a fall-inspired Halloween-perfect cocktail, so says me!  It’s apple season and hard cider is a great alternative to beer especially for fall.  Most hard ciders are also gluten-free which is a plus for those needing to navigate gluten.  It has a bright flavor and carbonation making for a … {continue reading}

Slow Cooker Pumpkin White Bean Sausage Chili

Slow Cooker Pumpkin White Bean Sausage Chili gluten free -

Of the many things I love about fall, my slow cooker and one pot meals vie for top spots on my list.  I was speaking with a busy artist-mom friend a few weeks ago and she was commenting on how she really wants more good crock pot recipes.  Those recipes she can easily prep first thing in the morning and not think of again until she’s dishing it out of the slow cooker onto her family’s dinner plates.  ‘Hear, hear’ on that concept. Soups and chilies are something I could eat daily once the mercury begins to drop for the season; truth be told for any meal.  I love bold flavors, spicy heat, chunky textures and easy preparation.  A secret to a well-balanced chili is having something sweet to balance any spicy heat.  I often add a tablespoon of sugar to pump up the flavor but for this … {continue reading}

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Chip cookies {gluten-free}

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Chip gluten-free cookies

Technically fall is upon us.  Trees are putting on a dazzling show of brilliant color changes.  Apple trees are burgeoning with fruit (causing me to apply significant self-restraint not to do some urban foraging in public spaces).  October lays in wait next week.  It’s time to release the pumpkin recipes! I’ll admit I did stick a toe in the autumnal recipe lake this week with Iced Pumpkin Lattes, which seemed a perfect starter for fall but at our current mid 80’s temps.  It’s funny, growing up I really didn’t care for pumpkin.  I think it was reserved almost exclusively for pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving which was never my favorite.  However when I look through my recipes now on Boulder Locavore, I have amassed an entire collection of savory, sweet and even a drink (Pumpkin Mexican Hot … {continue reading}

Easy Gluten-Free Beer Bread

Gluten-Free Beer Bread with jam -

I have always loved to bake.  When I was single and had more time I would bake quick breads as well as yeast breads often.  During the holidays I’d bake a braided bread with each strand a different type of bread (pumpernickel, rye and while) so each slice would look different from the front to the back!  Becoming a mom as well as gluten-free (with two gluten-free kids to look after) has left me baking less.  However as soon as the weather turns chilly with moody skies, my yearning to bake surfaces. When I was in college I did not know how to cook really anything.  Slowly after moving off campus with a kitchen at my disposal I developed a few repeat favorite with Beer Bread being one.  It seemed a bit more like a stroke of magical chemistry than baking but I loved the dependability … {continue reading}

Iced Pumpkin Latte {recipe} and Vitamix S30 Personal Blender {giveaway}

Iced Pumpkin Latte -

Last Christmas my husband bought a Vitamix for our family.  He bought the latest, top-of-the line 750 series machine with an extra-large container with the hope it would help us get more fruits and vegetables into our diets.    Adding a Vitamix to our well-armed kitchen was on our list, however, I will confess, I was secretly a little disappointed when the box was unwrapped (I can’t really believe I’m admitting that now)!  I mean, I love an icy margarita as much as the next girl on a hot summer day, and felt green smoothies really needed to start happening in my kitchen, but how excited can a person get about a ‘blender’?!  Little did I know it would become a life-changing experience. What I quickly realized is that I had formerly owned ‘blenders’; meager in their blending performance … {continue reading}

Cookie Dough Snickers Brownies

Cookie Dough Snickers Brownies - with vanilla ice cream -

Have I got something for you today!  This is a put-your-diet-on-hold treat that is worth every bite. It was a sad day in the Boulder Locavore household when the last bit of the four layer Rose-flavored Cake with Pistachio Cream and Whipped Cream Frosting was done.  And though we don’t have desserts hanging around the house usually, it’s been a pretty grueling week of late night homework and lots of driving for my husband and me.  The type of week that makes Friday night look like an oasis in the midst of a steamy hot desert. It seemed a fun time to have something unexpected to eat.  I’ve made loaded brownies before for the holidays and a reprisal seemed in order but taken up a notch.  Cookie Dough Snickers Brownies; sound good?  And they can be made gluten-free or with gluten.  … {continue reading}