Kerala Fish Curry {meen moili} and The New Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook {giveaway}

Kerala Fish Curry {Slow Cooker Indian Cookbook} -

As the school year begins and the cool of fall begins to creep into the subtly shorter days, my slow cooker becomes a mainstay of my weeknight kitchen arsenal.  I am unwilling to sacrifice flavor or originality to make a meal so always appreciate innovative recipes allowing me to prepare something quickly in the morning and not think of it again until it’s time to serve it up at dinner time. To say I was excited when opening the package containing a review copy of the just published The New Indian Slow Cooker cookbook would be a gross understatement.  I immediately thought the concept was genius and personally was thrilled at the prospect of serving up Indian cuisine via my slow cooker, something I would have never imagined possible.  I love Indian food and it tends to be naturally … {continue reading}

Creating a Pinterest Pin from Scratch: Photos & Collages with Link

Creating a Pinterest Pin from Scratch Tutorial |

I think almost everyone uses Pinterest these days.  For those who may not, it is a social media tool to help discovery and catalog visual images on theme boards created from pictures, and linking to websites.  It is a fantastic way to plan trips, by creating a board and 'pinning' different pieces of information such as sights to see, places to eat, informational articles or pictures that make you anxious to go!  Want to start thinking of DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays?  Create a board and use the Pinterest search feature to find fantastic options that appeal to your fancy all year long.  Planning a birthday party?  Start collecting ideas so all your links are in one place when you are ready to start shopping, creating, baking and having fun.  Bloggers like me also use boards to chronicle … {continue reading}

Mexican Lasagna with Hatch Chilies

Mexican Lasagna with Hatch Chilies serving -

I don’t know of a more universally appreciated comfort food than lasagna.  The ribbon pasta loaded with tangy ricotta cheese, gooey melted mozzarella, flavorful tomato sauce and meat (or vegetables).  Once prepared it’s perfect for so many meals and celebrations.  One dish that delivers a filling, tasty meal. With football season starting and cooler weather afoot, lasagna is something my family always appreciates.  It is a dish that actually often tastes better the second day after all the flavors have time to fully meld together.  Isn’t that perfect?  Bake one big lasagna and you are usually set for a few days OR leftovers can be easily put in the freezer; cut into serving portions, wrap tightly with plastic wrap then foil.  Individual servings are ready on a busy day to thaw and … {continue reading}

Chicken and Corn Curry

Chicken and Corn Curry gluten-free -

I have been so happy that as soon as Labor Day arrived our temperatures have cooled significantly.  It feels taunting when school resumes and there is no sense of summer’s end, so this weather change seemed forgiving.  It has my thoughts drifting to fall.  Chunky sweaters and boots.  Pumpkin recipes.  Unleashing my Spiralizer on fall produce.  Comfort food. One of my favorite dishes as a child was curry.  I’m sure at that time it was a one-size-fits-all recipe.  Always made with chicken.  I loved the mustard-yellow color and sultry aroma unlike any other dish we had for dinner.  Probably the best part were all the condiments served with it.  Salty peanuts, sweet relish, chutneys, grated coconut and more that I’m sure I’m forgetting.  I love ‘options’ for everything and this fulfilled … {continue reading}

Spicy Cumin-Lime Pork Tenderloin

Spicy Cumin-Lime Pork Tenderloin -

This post has been made possible thanks to my ongoing partnership with Udi’s Gluten-Free, striving to share gluten-free lifestyle information to make everyday just a bit easier! Can you believe it’s September?!  My kids have been back in school for almost two weeks and this week will be the start for some of you on the East Coast who still abide by the civilized tradition of starting back after Labor Day.  I find as soon as the school routine begins, I draw a menu blank about what to fix on a weeknight that often includes fetching kids at different times, after school activities and most certainly homework support.  ‘Drawing a blank’ is a soft term for having a panic attack.  It’s abrupt and my mind goes blank. If you are newly gluten-free that panic attack is tripled as you most … {continue reading}

Quick Fresh Peach Chutney

Quick Fresh Peach Chutney -

I’m not ready to concede to fall’s arrival.  I realize it is September.  I know kids are back at school.  Even as if on cue the weather has cooled, bringing rain almost daily.  But I’m not ready to bid summer farewell.  Not just yet. Having only arrived back from vacation less than two weeks ago, it was like waking up to summer’s bounty when arriving home.  Peaches, corn and tomatoes in full swing, quite possibly at the peak of their perfection.  Though for me it was my first taste of summer and I’m now devouring them knowing in a week or so they’ll be gone.  I’ve already seen pumpkin recipes on the internet.  That feels a bit like seeing Halloween décor in stores in June.  I just need a little bit more time to celebrate the late summer produce. I have a few recipes upcoming that … {continue reading}