Firecracker Hot Dog

Gluten-Free Firecracker Hot Dog with Beer Battered Jalapenos -

Fourth of July is certainly the patron holiday of the grill.  Can you imagine celebrating without it?  Me either.  And while I love a juicy burger as much as the next girl I think hot dogs have gotten a raw deal over the past years.  A mainstay of my youth, always boiled and always served with macaroni and cheese made from a box, they seemed to have disappeared as their ingredients were highly scrutinized. I don’t exactly know what was ground into the wieners I was served as a kid but I can say with certainty, what may once have been the left over bits and bobs at the meat factory have been replaced by savory quality ingredients without fillers rendering a mouth-watering delight without competition.  The flavor of a quality hot dog simple cannot be trumped. With Fourth of July in … {continue reading}

Easy Red, White & Blue Trifles

Red White Blue Trifles gluten-free -

Fourth of July is coming this week and it’s time to get some red, white and blue recipes on your menu!  This year our schedule is a bit crazy so I’ve opted for some less labor intensive yet still flavor packed options. It’s hot, hot, hot right now in Colorado, which means turning on my oven is a choiceful task.   Though this dessert takes a bit of cooking, it’s worth the effort for the end result.  And who can resist a dessert in a Mason jar?!  No one in my family that’s for sure. We are swimming in cherries right now; no complaints!  In our last week’s CSA share we had three pounds of fruit of which we could choose between strawberries, three types of cherries and apricots.  My son was on fruit share duty and opted for some strawberries and lots of cherries so I’ve been whipping … {continue reading}

A Little Summer Help from P&Geveryday

Easy Lemonade Recipes

Summer is the time of year that is supposed to be lazy; right?  Getting up late, following one’s whim of what the day will bring.  Lazing by the neighborhood pool for hours, napping in a colorful hammock in the backyard, grilling an easy dinner and dining al fresco.  Listening to the crickets chirping while sitting on the porch in the dusk drinking lemonade in a Mason jar, chatting about things one never has time for in the other seasons of the year.  Relaxing through long carefree days.  Wait, whose summer is this?  Certainly not mine. As I’ve I run into school parents of my children’s classmates, or doctors on my annual round of checkups, or even our mailman Steve over the last month, the question is always the same; ‘are you enjoying your summer?’  I always say the same thing ‘yes, … {continue reading}

Three Layer Ice Cream Sandwiches {gluten-free}

Three Layer Ice Cream Sandwiches {glutenfree} -

I love to come up with new, unexpected treats for the holidays however in many cased they turn into engineering feats more than cooking challenges!  I thought it would be great fun to make red, white and blue layered Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Gluten-free ice cream sandwiches are not easy to find and a summer treat that all should be able to enjoy! I recently found a cute Wilton Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie baking pan and was determined to turn it into something fun for Fourth of July.  I imagined the layered ice cream making a great additional to our Patriotic-hued menu.  Candidly I don’t think there is actual red or blue ice cream, in the truest, most vibrant shades we think of for the holiday (though we did find Red Velvet and Blueberry Cheesecake which were darker in shade but … {continue reading}

Zooquila Fresca Popsicles and the 25th Do at the Denver Zoo

Zooquila Fresca Popsciles {a Paloma Poptail} -

Last week I was honored to attend one of my favorite local fundraising events:  The 25th Do at the {Denver} Zoo.  As do most moms of young children, I’ve logged many, many miles on the pavement of the Denver Zoo; learning new animals, mimicking animal sounds and enjoying dripping ice cream in the shade of towering trees whilst watching exotic African beasts nap in the heat of the summer sun.  More recently I’ve gotten to know the zoo on more adult terms.  With the opening of their world-class Toyota Elephant Passage elephant habitat, they’ve opened the opportunity to house more bull elephants in one location which is nearly unheard of.  Like brooding teenage boys (perhaps with a bit of impulse control issues), male elephants remain fairly solitary creatures and a challenge for zoos to … {continue reading}

Summer Sipping: Leave the Wine Bottle Behind

Hiking and Black Box Wine |

This post is sponsored by Black Box Wine and is for viewing only by those of legal alcohol purchasing age.  Please always remember to drink responsibly! Last summer I first introduced you to Black Box Wines, the award-winning wines that offer an alternative packaging while delivering wines with 40 Gold Medals from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.  The quality and convenience of Black Box Wines allowed me to shake my dated reference point of wines in the box not being equal consideration to those in the bottle.  After first trying a few of the 10 varietals available in 3 liter boxes, my wine world expanded to arenas prohibitive with traditional bottled wines.  Where will I be toting my Black Box wines this summer? Hiking picnics:  Living by the mountains there are many summer … {continue reading}