Black Bean Green Chile Hummus Dip

Black Bean Green Chile Hummus Dip with Chips and Vegetables -

We have had a weather roller coaster for the past five days.  The spring-like birds chirping, tree buds blooming and temperatures in the 70’s from last week gave way over the weekend to what was being hashtagged on social media as #snowpocalypse and #snowmageddon.  By Sunday morning we had well over 18 inches of snow in our yard! I’m aware I reference the weather a lot.  I always thought maybe that is a sign of getting older (maybe it is) but in Colorado it’s like tracking the mood swings of … CONTINUE READING

Springtime Gluten-Free Frosted Sugar Cookies

Springtime Gluten-Free Frosted Sugar Cookies -

This post sponsored by the J.M. Smucker Company, sharing exciting gluten-free baking mixes and frostings from Pillsbury! Spring is finally in the air!  Despite the probability we’ll get more snow in Colorado, it is warm often enough that it feels more like spring than winter.  This time of year brings excitement for me as we are closing in on one of my favorite childhood holidays: May Day. May Day is a bit of a lost celebration I think.  When I was growing up we’d always have a May … CONTINUE READING

Happy Tax Day $200 Gift Card Giveaway!

Happy Tax Day Giveaway

For Americans, this weekend is associated with getting their personal taxes done (and for those in Colorado, a big, fat snow storm jolting us out of our spring reverie with 70 degree temps last week).  Normally tax day for Americans is April 15th, however this year it is April 18th, giving a few day respite thanks to Abraham Lincoln.  Emancipation Day, a legal holiday normally only celebrated in Washington DC, commemorating the Compensated Emancipation Act (signed by Abe) normally falls on April … CONTINUE READING

How to Make a Simple DIY Home Composting Can (with Composting Guide)

How to Make a Simple DIY Home Composting Can (with composting guide) - BoulderLocavore

This post is shared as part of Boulder Locavore’s ongoing partnership with Silk, exploring earth-friendly, healthy lifestyles choices and exciting plant-based dietary options. With Earth Day right around the corner, I’m sharing a project near and dear to my heart: How to Make a Simple DIY Home Composting Can (with Composting Guide).  It’s inexpensive, easy to set up and very gratifying as well as great for your garden! I am fortunate to live in a very environmentally conscious … CONTINUE READING

No Bake Gluten-Free Millionaire Bars

No Bake Gluten-Free Millionaire Bars. Gluten-Free Shortbread cookie layer topped with gooey caramel, chocolate and sea salt! -

Since the beginning of the new year, I have been doing what many other Americans have been doing; thinking about their taxes.  Procrastinating about the taxes.  Getting ready to start their taxes. And, as of last week, finally taking the plunge into doing their taxes.  For me it’s like moving to another planet.  I need to sit down and just do it.  I can’t do it in between other things.  I need to be in an IRS-Quicken-Turbo Tax bubble and do it until it’s done. I do keep everything and record … CONTINUE READING

Discovering Santa Fe’s ‘Margarita Trail’ (with recipes)

Discovering the Margarita Trail (Santa Fe, NM) |

For any who have sought the enchanting experience that is Santa Fe, New Mexico, the food landscape has surely drawn your attention.  Santa Fe is absolutely one of my personal favorite food towns, and one where I’d gladly make the six-hour drive for a good northern New Mexican meal.  The sultry, spicy, soul-warming cuisine has an obvious cocktail partner: the Margarita.  They are almost inseparable, the food and the cocktail, especially while lazing on outdoor Santa Fe dining patios in the summer … CONTINUE READING