Smart Snacking: Popcorn Trail Mix

Smart Snacking- Popcorn Trail Mix -

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Weight Watchers®. The opinions and texts are all mine. Ok I have a total confession to make.  I have become a very lazy snacker.  Not meaning I’m lazy about whether TO snack or not, but rather I think I’ve turned into an omni-grazer.  I'm a drive-by snacker when boxes of crackers or bars left out in the kitchen.  Anything with cheese in my path; watch out.  I’m a bit like a Hobbit who seems to need about 12 meals a day, but mine … CONTINUE READING

Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels with Fresh Herb Cream Cheese

Smoked Turkey Spinach Pinwheels with fresh Herb Cream Cheese. Great texture, flavor for a filling snack or meal! -

This post is sponsored as part of Boulder Locavore’s ongoing partnership with Udi’s Gluten-Free, exploring gluten-free recipes, health and wellness.  I have been soaking up the sun in the past week like a cat on a sunny windowsill.  Do you notice when the sun is out how much more energy you have?  I can barely stand to be indoors.  I’ve moved most of my office activities from my home office to a different room where I can open the door to an outdoor deck, feel the breeze and enjoy the … CONTINUE READING

Rose-Flavored Dark Chocolate Truffles

Rose-flavored Dark Chocolate Truffles. Deep, dark chocolate outside, creamy rose-flavored filling. -

Chocolate truffles really are on the top shelf in the chocolate confection hierarchy.  The cost and packaging remind us of this.  Their perfectly round prim form, often with exotic flavors, nested in fancy boxes with only a few sold together imply their luxe standing. Unlike drugstore candy that is approachable and commonplace for all, truffles infer by their mere presence that they might be too good for us, too sophisticated for a normal palate.  That they shouldn’t be eaten while wearing … CONTINUE READING

Mint Julep Derby Ice Cream Floats with Homemade Mint Ice Cream

Mint Julep Derby Ice Cream Float with Homemade Mint Ice Cream. Fresh natural mint ice cream, bourbon and seltzer water taking the iconic mint julep cocktail to the next level! -

What an exciting week with Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day AND the Kentucky Derby!  So much celebrating to be had.  I would love to tell you I’ve been to the Kentucky Derby and share all the little details.  To date, I have not but that isn’t stopping me from turning the occasion into a party at home anyway. I have been to the horse races however.  When I was living and working in California the leader of a work team I was on thought it would be a fun team building offsite to go to the horse … CONTINUE READING

Chocolate del Fuego Cocktail (Chocolate Fire Cocktail)

Chocolate del Fuego Cocktail (Chocolate Fire Cocktail). Rich, creamy, spicy chocolate cocktail. Some surprise ingredients too! -

This post is shared as part of Boulder Locavore’s ongoing partnership with Silk, exploring earth-friendly, healthy lifestyles choices and exciting plant-based dietary options. Today is Cinco de Mayo and I know margaritas will be flowing for many.  Not for me though, my friends, for there is a new cocktail in town: Chocolate del Fuego Cocktail (Chocolate Fire Cocktail)! Perhaps prompted by our latest 5-day douse of winter snow putting a temporary, and chilly, damper on spring, I found … CONTINUE READING

Slow Cooker Shortcut Red Posole Soup

Slow Cooker Shortcut Red Posole Soup. Spicy hominy and pork stew that everyone will love! -

I had what felt like a lifesaving experience with Posole last month and I have not been able to get it out of my head.  Like a memory of a favorite life moment, I have pictured it frequently not ready to let it go.  I had driven down to Santa Fe to discover their Margarita Trail program. I had four days of meetings and tastings before me as well as some side excursions planned to write about.  On the way down I felt the early signs of a cold coming on.  I had loaded the car with water, … CONTINUE READING