Sparkling Cranberry Vodka Punch

Sparkling Cranberry Vodka Punch. A perfect easy cocktail punch recipe for holiday meals and entertaining. It can also be warmed with spices for a mulled cocktail twist!

Need a light, refreshing seasonal cocktail for a crowd? Sparkling Cranberry Vodka Punch is perfect recipe for holiday meals and gatherings.  It also can be changed up for a shortcut mulled drink too!  Please always drink responsibly!As everyone is bustling around thinking through the delicious recipes they’ll make for their Thanksgiving feast, the drink aspect of the meal is often forgotten about.  We always have sparkling juice on hand for our kids who get to drink from special goblets I … CONTINUE READING

Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce

Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce. Ready in 15 minutes, this fresh version of cranberry sauce is a cinch and perfect for Thanksgiving.

You'll never buy cranberry sauce after making this simple, 4 ingredient recipe for Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce.  Fifteen minutes to cook and you are done!  Can be made the day before serving.I have very distinct memories of the large Thanksgiving dinners of my youth.  The most vivid are those when I was in first and second grade.  We lived in Utah while my step father was getting an advanced degree at the university.I had cousins in Salt Lake City so for holidays we pack up and … CONTINUE READING

No Crust Pumpkin Pie

No Crust Pumpkin Pie. A crustless custard pumpkin pie that's an easy Thanksgiving dessert recipe.

A twist on traditional Pumpkin Pie; No Crust Pumpkin Pie.  Naturally gluten-free, this easy custard  crust-less pie delivers the flavors you love without any fuss!I recently realized I have a problem.  Like an addiction problem.  And I really had no idea.I have a TV in my bedroom with TiVo.  I’m not a big TV watcher but any shows I’m interested in I get a Season Pass to automatically record them on the TiVo.  I’m busy during the day so I tend to try to watch them late at night before … CONTINUE READING

Homemade Cranberry Vinegar (with printable gift tags)

Homemade Cranberry Vinegar (with printable gift tags). An easy seasonal recipe great for winter salad and DIY gifts!

Looking for a unique seasonal recipe using cranberries that can also be an easy holiday kitchen gift idea?  Homemade Cranberry Vinegar is the ticket!  The color alone is worth making it.As the cyberwaves are packed to the gills with Thanksgiving recipes I’m taking a step to the side to bring you something different:  Homemade Cranberry Vinegar.  It’s actually a vinegar infusion (though I do love making homemade vinegar from scratch too).   The vinegar is very easy to make and its … CONTINUE READING

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Tapioca Pudding (vegan)

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Tapioca Pudding (vegan)

Fantastic for fall Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Tapioca Pudding couldn't be easier to make as well as being dairy-free and vegan too!  Layered with fun toppings, this light dessert delivers on the autumnal spices we love.This post is shared as part of Boulder Locavore’s ongoing partnership with Silk, exploring healthy lifestyles choices and exciting plant-based dietary options.  All opinions are my own.We are rolling into the prime season for comfort food.  There is no homier food … CONTINUE READING

Pressure Cooker Southwestern Short Ribs with Harvest Succotash & a Giveaway ($249)

Pressure Cooker Southwestern Short Ribs with Harvest Succotash

This delicious soul-warming fall recipe for Southwestern Short Ribs and Harvest Succotash was cooked in 35 minutes in a pressure cooker!  Have you cooked in a pressure cooker? The recipe and the scoop on my experience.I have been curious for some time about cooking with pressure cookers.  I grew up with my mother using one, though I don’t recall what she cooked in it.  My memories are more around the screaming steam and the rocking triangular piece flying off the cooker and hitting the … CONTINUE READING