Grilled Halloumi with Strawberries and Herbs from Vibrant Food cookbook {giveaway}

Vibrant Food | Grilled Halloumi with Strawberries and Herbs

I am really excited to share another gorgeous cookbook today, Vibrant Food.  The verve of the title is probably enough for me to snatch it off the shelf but a gander at only a few recipes would certainly seal the deal. Vibrant Food celebrates foods of the season, building inspired, tasty recipes around what is at its peak as well as capturing the artistry of color from the food.  Truly developed through a culinary artist’s eye, each recipe is a vision to behold with breathtaking flavors to match.  Rhubarb Compote with Cacao Nibs, Smoky Red Pepper Soup with Pumpkin Seeds and Feta, Apple Sage Walnut Bread, Concord Grape and Mint Sorbet.  You get the picture. The cookbook is organized by season with each recipe and photograph created by the talented Kimberley Hasselbrink; who also … {continue reading}

Simple Strawberry Pie

Simple Strawberry Pie -

The majority of our produce in the summer comes from having a CSA share.  For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture and means you pay a set seasonal fee and weekly receive a ‘share’ of what a farm produces.  It’s a highlight of summer for us.  Each Wednesday afternoon we visit our beloved farm, Cure Organic Farm, to pick up freshly harvested vegetables.  Our farm also offers a flower (which they grow), fair trade coffee and fruit share.  And now even a gluten-free bread share catered by a local gluten-free bakery. Most of the fruit comes from Colorado growers though early in the season we often are supplemented by California farm fruit until Colorado’s season gets into gear.  Being a mountainous region (technically a high desert I … {continue reading}

Keep Food Fresher Longer: a BerryBreeze Giveaway {ARV $49}

Green and Red Healthy Food |

Summer seems to be the time to catch up on various cleaning and organizing projects in our house.  It’s all hands on deck and we dive into tasks we don’t have time for during the school year.  A few weeks ago my kids and I tackled the refrigerator, top to bottom, taking everything out, checking expiration dates often long past, and tossing prehistoric produce desiccated at the back of shelves having not seen the light of days in more months than I care to admit.  The produce drawer bears description worthy of a horror movie trailer.  Needless to say three hours spent yielded a spic-and-span gleaming fridge with lots of space for the survivors of our purge. We have a summer farm share bringing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables into our house weekly.  We often end up with more than I … {continue reading}

Grasshopper Pie Milkshake

Grasshopper Pie Milkshake -

When the idea of Milkshake Week popped up, I found myself with more ideas for milkshakes than I’d ever considered.  When my kids got wind of the project, that list quadrupled quickly.  Everyone loves a milkshake, am I right? My first contribution to the week was a Cherry-Cola Milkshake;  featuring my not-so-secret-anymore indulgence of Cherry Coke in the form of a shake-meets-float idea that was slurped down by my taste testers faster than I could time.  The second idea that popped to mind was a suggestion from my kids, haling to a family favorite dessert:  Grasshopper Pie. I personally have loved Grasshopper Pie for as long as I can remember.  My mother did not serve it often but it seemed so exotic in the minty-green hue bursting with chocolate mint flavors.  Each my mother and … {continue reading}

Don Ceviche {recipe} and Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen cookbook {giveaway}

CPKT Don Ceviche - Sea Bass Ceviche |

Summertime is burgeoning with the spirit of travel.  The recent weeks of the World Cup have lured many of us to Brazil, whether it be live or on our televisions, giving a glimpse into the warm, spirited culture of South America.  Live travel is not always possible however travel in one’s kitchen can be equally transporting; experiencing the tastes and seasonings of another country’s food.  I have just read a summer-perfect cookbook that makes my mouth water each time I hold it’s uniquely, cool, faux tiled cover in my hands:  Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen by Martin Morales.  This cookbook proves unequivocally one does not need to hop a plane to go on vacation. Admittedly I knew nothing about Peruvian food prior to reading Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen.  However within a few pages of starting … {continue reading}

Cherry-Cola Milkshake

Cherry-Cola Milkshake -

I’m a mindful eater.  That doesn’t always mean I eat all my vegetables or that I don’t ever eat dessert.  I generally stay away from soda however I became smitten on a road trip through West Texas with Cherry Coke and have never looked back. I live in the land of reusable personal water bottles.  We all have a complete wardrobe of Camelbak’s, BPA-free plastic bottles with flip up spouts, zippy looking Sigg metal bottles with sport lids and more.  Everyone I know packs water everywhere they go and if not they buy bottles of water; so it never occurred to me there are places where bottled water would not be sold as a norm. On this particular road trip we spent a few days in Lubbock Texas tracking all the best BBQ joints as recommended by locals.  One place, which proved to be the … {continue reading}