Sausage and Orzo Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Sausage and Orzo Stuffed Sweet Peppers -

Perhaps a vestige of the 1970’s dinner table, but I do love a good Stuffed Pepper.  This is a perfect time of year to dabble in stuffed peppers.  Grocery stores are brimming with beautiful peppers.  I personally struggled to choose between green, purple, red, orange or yellow for this dish!  Such a dilemma to have, right? I could not resist these huge yellow, orange and red sweet peppers; at their prime and begging to be stuffed with delicious harvest ingredients.  The peppers are so naturally sweet that pairing them with colorful, seasonal, savory ingredients is the way to make them irresistible.  They truly can provide a full meal options containing protein, carbohydrate in the form of pasta and vegetables.  The limitations of stuffing peppers is only restricted to your … {continue reading}

DIY Milk Carton Herb Gardens {tutorial}

Milk Carton Herb Gardens - Tutorial -

This post is shared as part of Boulder Locavore’s ongoing partnership with Silk, exploring healthy lifestyle choices and exciting plant-based dietary options. As much as I love fall and the slowdown from summer, I really miss not being able to hop outside into my garden for fresh produce or herbs once the snow begins to fall.  Fortunately I have a fun project anyone can do to keep herbs available for clipping all winter long:  DIY Milk Carton Herb Gardens.  It’s a quick, easy project and one kids will love as well with a bit of help from parents.  The gardens are not limited to planting started plants either; they are a wonderful way to start windowsill seeds in the spring to transplant in a garden.  Also a fun gift idea for teachers, neighbors or Grandparents. I will confess … {continue reading}

Pear-Ginger Oatmeal with Candied Maple Pecans

Pear-Ginger Oatmeal with Candied Maple Pecans -

Fall is here and though we in Colorado are ping-ponging between our first snow last week back to the mid 80’s this week, the season for comfort food has arrived! I love incorporating seasonal ingredients in classic dishes to give them a twist.  Weekday morning breakfasts can be a bit lack luster I find, and perfect candidates for a bit of seasonal tszujing up. Oatmeal for me definitely falls in the comfort food genre; probably more from the childhood nostalgia of it than the actual flavor……since by itself there isn’t any, right? As I was cooking up the breakfast I’m sharing today I had an unexpected flashback to my childhood remembering a bowl of simple oatmeal served with a pat of butter, sprinkle of brown sugar and a bit of milk that forms a moat around the edge of the … {continue reading}

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Lasagna -

With football season in full swing and having had our first snow (yes, you read that right), the timing seems right to share some unexpected, mouthwatering comfort food in the form of Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Lasagna.  I shared another lip-licking lasagna last weekend (Mexican Lasagna with Hatch Chilies) and don’t usually share something similar so quickly but the time seemed right for Buffalo Wings in a reinvented form! I have loved blue cheese for as long as I can remember.  And after discovering Buffalo Wings I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  The piquant sauce slathered on the chicken wings is a perfect mixture of spicy and tangy, and when then dipped in blue cheese…..perfection! As much as I love ‘wings’ they don’t play well for all occasions.  Football parties with … {continue reading}

Chateau de Versailles and Rose Cake for Marie-Antoinette {recipe}

Palace of Versailles gate -

During our summer stay in Paris, a day trip to the Château de Versailles was without question a high point.  A short thirty minute train ride lands one in a different world all together.  Almost defying description, the sprawling estate which was once the hunting lodge of Louis XIII, the property has been expanded over the years rendering one of the most magnificent examples of 18th century French art.  It has been inhabited by three French kings, all of whom left their mark with building expansions and opulent décor until the French Revolution.  The government of France was moved to Versailles in 1682 leaving its walls with many stories to tell of the historically significant events and rich personal dramas which unfolded there. Louis XIV was responsible for the … {continue reading}

Coconut Kettle Corn

Polka Dot Bag of Coconut Kettle Corn -

I don't recall any memories of having Kettle Corn as a child.  Though I distinctly remember my introduction as an adult!  We have loved spending time at our local zoo over the years.  Anyone with children knows it's a highlight and one that tends to be visited often especially when kids are younger.  Our zoo does some fun, festive events around the holidays and one of our favorites is 'Zoo Lights' where the zoo is transformed with magical lights to celebrate the holiday season.   There are whimsical animal outlines made with lights and extravagant displays that make everyone feel the spirit and excitement of the season. The first time we went it was blustery cold, as you'd expect in December.  We were bundled thickly with down parkas, fur-lined boots, and mittens yet the sting of the … {continue reading}