French Ham and Cheese Omelet {Omelette au Jambon et au Fromage}

French Ham and Cheese Omelet with farm eggs - BoulderLocavore

While in Paris I fell in love again with a simple omelet.  So did my son.  Our dining schedule became very haphazard, especially at first, based on our excursions and jet lag.  We found if we were willing to eat at slightly alternative times we could slip into a café with a wonderful street-side table rather than wander for blocks during prime dining hours. Our less planful approach landed us wherever we could dine with a few gluten-free options, identified from a quick scan of a menu rather than laborious negotiations in broken French and English about our gluten-limitation (though we did carry Dining Cards which are a must). Our desire to eat safely (in gluten terms) but with spontaneity and enjoying more indigenous cuisine quickly pointed toward simple omelets and salads always being … {continue reading}

Cafe Americano and Ordering Coffee in Paris

Cafe Americano -

Coffee has an ambiance all its own.  In the States, the particularity of one’s coffee preference when ordering out is often painstakingly precise; extra hot half caf skinny with a lemon twist and extra foam.  I sometimes think it has become more about the experience of the exotic, or celebrating personal idiosyncrasies in the form of niche coffee drinks baristas are all too willing to indulge.  And then there is the pure experience of it.  Going out for coffee.  Meeting for coffee.  The coffee house ‘scene’.  I even have days where I don’t necessarily want to drink a cup of coffee but my morning feels odd without out. The absence of the aroma leaves morning not feeling like morning.  I’ll nurse a half cup for most of the morning, rewarming it in the microwave allowing it to preside on my … {continue reading}

Back-to-School: 5 Success Strategies for Gluten-Free Kids

Back to School 5 Success Strategies for Gluten-Free Kids |

This post has been made possible thanks to my ongoing partnership with Udi's Gluten-Free, striving to share gluten-free lifestyle information to make everyday just a bit easier! Back to school.  Three simple words that strike fear in the hearts of moms universally knowing the mad game of musical chairs required to shift successfully from unstructured summer to the military precision required by the school year routine.  For those gluten-free it can be even more so.  Perhaps kids have only learned they need to be gluten-free eaters over the summer.  They might be changing schools with new routines and unclear processes lay in wait. Even if gluten-free eating has been something of a norm, I find each new year required connecting with teachers to ensure the classroom situation supports … {continue reading}

Our Dog Days of Summer and Great DIY Dog Treat Recipes

Great DIY Dog Treat Recipes -

What a summer!  It’s always unbelievable when the start of school rolls around.  It’s a bit like inviting friends over for a dinner party at 7 and they show up at 3:30 completely unexpected, stopping your preparations in mid step.  It was a difficult start to the summer for me.  The last six weeks of the school year had been rigorous.  An urgent, concerning issue daily for six weeks ranging from a mystery virus in my son keeping him out of school for well over a week, health issues rotating daily between all three of our dogs, an impacting virus hitting the rest of the family, unexpected potential Jury Duty for me on a high-profile 8 day trial (fortunately I was released after two days) along with the normal rigor of the season with a graduating fifth grader and high school freshman making … {continue reading}

What are GMO’s and What’s the Big Deal About Them?

What is a GMO? |

This post is shared as part of Boulder Locavore’s ongoing partnership with Silk, exploring healthy lifestyles choices and exciting plant-based dietary options. It wasn’t all that long ago that terms like 'bioengineering' were used exclusively in laboratories and never intermixed with items for dinner menu consideration.  However with the demand for special dietary products, and improved food labeling, many cats have escaped the bag and are in the forefront for American eater’s consideration.  It is a rare shopper who has not noted ‘No GMO’ labels on food products but do people really understand what that means and why everyone is talking about them? What is a GMO? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism; an organism whose genetic make-up, its DNA, has been altered by … {continue reading}

Zucchini Ribbon Mediterranean Salad

Zucchini Ribbon Mediterranean Salad -

We are in the heart of the summer's bounty.  Beautiful tomatoes adorn Farmer's Markets with their truest flavor, reminding there really is nothing like those farm grown or home grown.  Varieties of peppers are ripening thanks to the heat, offering sweet and hot in all colors and shapes.  Summer squash also graces every grocery store and we are teetering on the time of the season where zucchini left unmonitored in the garden quickly become primitive looking vegetable clubs or 'gifts' to unsuspecting neighbors so they might make two dozen loaves of zucchini bread from one squash. May I confess?  I like zucchini, but truly only love it raw.  I suspect I'm traumatized by my youth when my mother would begin to boil the slices of zucchini before the meat was put in the oven to cook, rendering … {continue reading}