‘Off With Your Hand’ Halloween Punch

As the seasonal whimsy continues to abound I have one more quick, fun Halloween treat to share; ‘Off With Your Hand’ Halloween Punch (title credit to my 9 year old).  Over the years we’ve cultivated some Halloween favorites for home celebrations or school parties.  My not-so-secret M.O. is always high impact with ease.  This favorite was inspired after a surgery when being sent home with a mutated ice pack fashioned of a filled, frozen surgical glove.

It’s simple.  Vinyl medical gloves (available at any mainstream drug store) filled with juice of your choice (preferably a juice with complimentary flavor to the punch you make), secured and frozen to function as the ice in your festive punch but also an eerie reminder of Halloween!  You can use any punch recipe though I’m sharing one we whipped up with seasonal flavors.   You can make a frozen hand with water too however as it melts it will dilute the punch and I’ve found they melt faster than a juice hand.

‘Off With Your Hand’ Halloween Punch

Yield: 10 cups

We are not huge juice or soda drinkers in my household and I personally prefer fresh or organic juices whenever possible with little to no sugar added. If not possible (with cranberry or pear juice for instance) I opt for those that are as close to 100% juice with the least amount of sugar added, liking the more authentic taste. Use your favorites! A key for success is having everything very cold. It allows the hand to stay intact longer. For punch bowl volume planning: Frozen Hand the equivalent of 2 cups liquid when thawed


  • 4 cups Cranberry Nectar or Juice
  • 2 cups Apple Cider, freshly pressed if possible
  • 1 cup Pear Nectar
  • 2 cans (or 24 fluid ounces) Ginger Ale, chilled


  1. Combine the cranberry nectar, apple cider, pear nectar and chill overnight in a sealed container. Add the chilled ginger ale when ready to serve and stir together.

When removing the glove use a sharp pair of scissors. I could not find mine when needing to remove this glove and used a sharp knife which ended in a finger loss. I liked the creepy effect in the end but suggest using the scissors to ensure your hand keeps all its digits!


Just last week I was contacted by April of Catching Fireflies, a brick-and-mortar store and online website for all things whimsical.  She wanted to include Boulder Locavore’s Candy Corn Martinis with Pop Rocks rim in a Halloween round up she was publishing on her blog (for all those NON gluten free, you must make the hotdog Mummies; they are too cute!).

She also offered to do a giveaway for Boulder Locavore readers of a $47 gift certificate (she said they like quirky, unexpected amounts as it matches their sense of whimsy) as well as a 20% discount on any purchases through December 1, 2012 when entering the word ‘Boulder’ upon check out.

I spent some time perusing the Catching Fireflies site and am convinced there is something for everyone there.  Great things for holidays, stocking stuffers, for Wine Lovers, Pet Lovers, Pranksters, eco friendly, just-for-guys, hostess gifts and more.  For Foodies there are a number of cookbooks and charming accoutrement for cooking and serving.  They even have complimentary gift wrap.  And of course it’s all whimsical!

Giveaway open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

To enter the giveaway: {now CLOSED}

  1.  Visit the Catching Fireflies site and leave a comment below about something that catches your eye on their site.

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Giveaway will run through midnight (Mountain Standard Time) October 24.  At that time a winner will be selected via Random.org and will be posted here!  Good luck and start shopping!  The Winner is Jacquie!

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Just some of the fun finds I spotted on Catching Fireflies website:



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