Homemade Lemon-Infused Vodka

I love making infusions.  I really love any project I can do myself, approaching them with a bit of HGTV spirit and the staunch determination that where there is a will there IS a way, especially when it comes to innovating cocktails.  Anytime I experiment with a successful end result I am very satisfied, I suppose feeling somewhere deep down were I ever shipwrecked on a deserted island, given any vessel, fermented liquid and pretty much anything with flavor, I could be making my own cocktails in a week or so.

Spring has sprung.  The clocks have moved forward and we actually are enjoying the light and temperatures of a ‘normal people’s spring’ we rarely experience in the Rocky Mountain West.  We scoff at Easter dress ads on TV with sleeveless females frolicking outdoors with nary a goose bump.  Sloppy wet snow generally defines our spring, though this week we’ve had temps in the 60’s for three days running, promising to hit 70 by mid week.

Our recent meteorological turn unfolds a perfect backdrop for my latest, and what I feel in hindsight, my most obvious infusion.  Of all flavored vodka that I buy Lemon Infused Vodka is the most frequently replaced.  It seems to fit with anything and there truly is no brighter nor more refreshing cocktail than a simple Lemon-infused Vodka Tonic.  As I spent my winter infusing exotic things such as Goji Berry Vodka and Ginger-Infused Vodka it dawned on me I was ignoring what was right in front of me; infusing Vodka with Lemon.  I now have and will be making several more batches to enjoy all through the sultry summer months.  With lemons now in season it is the perfect time to whip up a batch…..or two!


I could taste the lemon in the vodka after a week but chose to leave it for 3 weeks before using.  When I opened the jar lid I was overwhelmed with the most gorgeous aroma of lemon filling the air.  Completely intoxicating.  The vodka takes on the most perfect shade of light yellow as well.
Yield: approximately 2 cups infused vodka
·         2 cups vodka (neutral flavor)
·         3 medium lemons,  rinsed well and quartered
·         Quart size Mason jar with lid (or any jar with a sealing lid)

Place lemons and vodka in the jar; seal.  Place in a dark, cool place and test for flavor after one week.  Continue to taste until vodka has taken on the depth of flavor you prefer; remove and discard lemons, seal jar and enjoy!

Now what to do with it!  I looked back through the cocktails I’ve posted and found 4 that include Lemon Vodka.  I’ll share those links below as well as a simple, satisfying favorite: Lemon Vodka Tonic.


·         1 ½ ounce lemon vodka
·         Tonic water (I personally love Fever Tree)
Fill a tall glass with desired amount of crushed ice.  Add lemon-infused vodka and fill with tonic water.
Other Boulder Locavore cocktails using Lemon Vodka:

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  1. Sandy says

    Do you think the lemon vodka needs to be refrigerated? I have a commercial bottle that has been open in the pantry for at least three years. Should I spill it out?

    • says

      I don’t think it needs to be refrigerated. It’s nice to have it cooled ready for cocktails but I don’t think it’s necessary for spoilage reasons as with a perishable food. I would smell and taste your vodka. I have alcohol that belonged to my husband’s father that is decades old and still good! A distiller friend told me liquor does not go bad in the traditional sense but it may not taste as vibrant over time. Also if you make this vodka infusion I would discard the lemons as soon as it is infused so it does not turn bitter over time.

  2. frank says

    I make a litre at a time in a two litre jar with mixed citrus, anything thats in the fruit bowl, but it MUST contain a grapefruit. Oh I must go and make a jar!


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