Cool Garden Finds: EcoScraps (Grow Gardens Not Landfills)

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Ecoscraps Moist Potting Soil. Natural and organic garden products made from fresh produce keeping them out of the landfills. -

As a gardener and food grower, this is a very exciting time of the year.  I feel like I’m awaiting house guests I adore but never know which will show up and when.  Colorado’s strong winter season leaves a question about which perennial plants will reemerge in the spring.  I feel like an anxious sprinter in the blocks, knowing if I start my garden too soon all can be lost to early spring storms; but if I wait too long my garden bounty won’t come to fruition before the early winter snows.

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Of course the fun part of gardening goes along with lots of preparation of garden beds and containers.  The secret is really to ensure the garden soil is rich with nutrients and organic materials to grow the best plants possible.

Ironically as I was getting ready to stock up on new soil for the season I read an article about a new-to-me company that is doing some really innovative things to create garden products.  I will preface my findings by saying I really don’t like waste.  I’ve often wondered what happens to produce in the grocery stores when it begins to fade.  I’ve been at the store when seemingly good produce is being cleaned out to be replaced by pristine fruits and vegetables.  I’ve watched enough TV to know much of it is tossed out and goes into the landfill.

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Did you know in the United States, we waste 40% of the food produced? That is enough to fill the Rose Bowl every day! It sits in landfills producing methane, which is 20 times more harmful than CO2.  Yuck. EcoScraps, the cool company I referred to above, converts food waste into garden products.  Since 2010, EcoScraps has been working to be a part of the solution by reusing this waste and keeping it out of the landfills. They are passionate about making sustainability mainstream.

Gardening Tips Ecoscraps Moisture Retaining Soil -

Between 2011 and 2015, EcoScraps recycled 75 million pounds of food waste. They are matching that number in 2016 with projected recycling of another 75 million pounds of food waste–this time in just 12 months.  I love everything about what they are doing!  It’s a brilliant idea and one that we gardeners benefit from in a variety of EcoScraps natural and organic garden products found at Walmart (and can be purchased online too).

Have a look at this fun video which spells it all out:

I picked up some EcoScraps Natural and Organic Moist Garden Soil and Moist Potting Soil.  I only grow my herbs and vegetables in organic soil so it was perfect to augment my raised food beds and the large containers where I grow herbs on my deck.  I’ve only begun to prep my garden and containers between sloppy rain and snow storms but can’t wait to see how my plants do this year with EcoScraps.

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Walmart and EcoScraps are offering a chance to win a $50 Walmart Gift Card so you can enjoy EcoScraps products for your garden.  The products are very affordably priced so you can stock up if you win!

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