Chocolate Truffle Cookies

Chocolate Truffle Cookies Kids Can Make gluten-free -
I am not a ‘Mommy Blogger’ but I am a mom who blogs.  For the most part I don’t fold my family activities in with my food and drink exploits in print, though this past Mother’s Day offered a recipe too good not to share.
I like a simple Mother’s Day.  No ‘stuff’.  I believe the most valuable gift one can share is their time so some good food and simple moments are all I need.  A day without laundry responsibilities works for me too.  After being asked to relocate to a different area in the house I eventually began to smell the distinct wafts of chocolate from the kitchen.  I came down to find the most gorgeous Chocolate Truffle Cookies (gluten free) baked at the hands of my third grade son (with some supervision from my husband).  He was beaming with accomplishment and rightly so after trying them.  These are not the misshapen, questionably flavored cookies of a soppy Hallmark commercial; those cookies only a mother could love.   These cookies are rich, perfectly flavored and elegant in appearance.  And nothing I’d seen in our house before.
Chocolate Truffle Cookies Kids Can Make gluten-free -
The cookies were made from scratch leaving me all the more intrigued.  When I asked about the recipe source my son told me he had Googled ‘gluten free recipes for Mother’s Day kids can make themselves’ and this is where he landed.  The cookies are a perfect cross between a chocolate cookie and a brownie.  They bear a glossy patina and a perfect moist, textured bite with chunks of chocolate and walnuts. 
The original recipe is gluten free though if you desire to make them with gluten, substitute your favorite all purpose flour and proceed with the rest of the recipe as written.  For those gluten free, the recipe calls out a specific gluten-free flour brand.  My chef did NOT use the specified flour, or any added gums (xanthan or guar) and the cookies were beautiful.  Use your favorite all purpose gluten free flour blend.
Chocolate Truffle Cookies Kids Can Make gluten-free - BoulderLocavore.comSince no adaptations were made to the original recipe I’m including a link and not reprinting it:  Chocolate Truffle Cookie recipe (click here).
 Chocolate Truffle Cookies Kids Can Make gluten-free - BoulderLocavore.comBeing an equal opportunity parent I will share a visual from my elder child’s efforts.  Another thoughtful culinary endeavor I excitedly mistook for something different; ‘Are these Jell-O shots?!’  Complete ‘Inappropriate Mommy’ moment.  My nubile teen sweetly told me they were made from her American Girl ‘Tiny Treats’ cookbook and were mock watermelon slices, doll size.  Hollowed out lime (I’d seen the pulp earlier and was sure that meant there was a Margarita nearby), filled with Black Cherry Jell-O penetrated by a skewer and inserted mini chocolate chips for seeds.  You can probably wager a guess at how they tasted, but who doesn’t love some culinary exploration in Lilliputian proportion? 
Most tots when pouring their hearts into Mother’s Day verse might use ‘Mother’, ‘Mommy’ or maybe their beloved mother’s given name as the basis for their acrostic poem (main words run  vertically on the left of the poem generating horizontal phrases from each letter relevant to the poem’s subject).  My Renaissance Man…..well, you can read for yourself.  Learning Voldemort reads my blog was definitely a high point of the day.


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    Oh LOL!!!! Yes, I guess I am the last “E” and I'm sure there are tons of other “E”s too! Gosh, this is so sweet … having those deliciousness all made for you. (What happened to the margarita?)
    Happy Belated Mother's Day, Toni!
    Going to check out the recipe ….

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      Well, you can see a theme of my jumping from lime pulp to a Margarita and assuming my child would make me Jell-O shots for Mother's Day without thinking (I've never had a Jell-O shots and my children don't 'play' with alcohol for the record). We are at the end of the school year, 5000 deliverables a day; guess I'm craving 'cocktail hour'! I agree on it being very sweet. Both totally self motivated too. Glad you're my 'E' Ping!

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    I am so, SO glad you opened the door a little into your life and showed us what your kids did for you for Mother's Day. The cookies are amazing. I know I couldn't do better. I had an ear-to-ear smile over the faux watermelon slices. How many did you eat?

    Race cars??? Do tell.

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      Always happy to swing the door wide open (be careful for what you ask!). The cookies were impressive. They look beautiful, the flavor was pretty sophisticated. I'm sure he made them all himself too. You can't imagine my surprise; and delighted they were from scratch.

      I ate 1 watermelon slice. Still in the fridge. Following the directions they used black cherry jello. Even my daughter, the tiny treat chef, felt they were too sweet. I would have eaten the entire plate to show my heartfelt appreciation. They were cute. (And secretly I did hope they were Jell-O shots; but whose Mother jumps to that conclusion?! Clearly needing a cocktail).

      I too asked about the Racecars. The reference is to the Amarillo post on my blog and Cadillac Ranch; where 10 Cadillacs were buried halfway into the farmland and spraypainted. My son did not realize they were not racecars actually (and I think maybe he was having trouble thining of an 'R').

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      These really are fantastic TammyJo which is what motivated me to post about them. My son is just beginning to cook so I feel confident if a 9 year old can make them and have them turn out this lovely, all adults will find them a cinch!

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      I must agree on the baking skills and add 'who knew?!' He'd begun to show interest in cooking and making pancakes himself etc. I really was shocked to see these cookies and how beautiful they were; very adult looking cookies. The cookie is a perfect blend as you said. I'm thrilled he found the recipe actually as I'm sure it will now be part of my regular rotation.

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      I agree Raquel. It was very sweet and surprising. They are both kids who are very creative and love celebrating family members with thoughtful ventures like this. I was surprised because I did not expect anything and then at their creativity. I'm a very lucky Mom!

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    “Voldemort even likes it” is definitely the best thing I've read all week. Oh, and I could hardly concentrate on your writing because your cookies, glassware, and decorative straws are all too lovely!

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      Too much, right (Voldemort)?! I also loved 'Even someone in Asia reads it'. When I told him I put it in the post he was concerned I may be losing some readers if they too were bloggers for the boastful things he said about my blog (what 9 year old thinks like this? Maybe I need to hire him as my business manager). Thanks for your kind comments on the 'decor' in the post too.

  4. AnnaG says

    Wonderful post! When you get margaritas and jello shots from your kids, you'll know that you've arrived. Seriously though … what a sweet way to celebrate Mother's Day–sharing homemade treats with the little ones that mean the most to you. 🙂

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      That I've 'arrived' or that someone may call Social Services about my parenting skills! It was a lovely, simple day and I loved what they did more than any material gifts I could think of! Thank you Anna.

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    This is the sweetest thing. Your kids make me really, really want some of my own so they can bake me wonderful cookies and write brilliant poetry some day!

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    What a wonderful post Toni! Love the Boulder Locavore card. Beautiful cookies! I really really like that glass with the bird. Where did you get that? It almost looks like an Anthropology piece.

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    What a fabulous Mother's Day acrostic!! And such sweet, sweet cookies! And laughing at the thought of your daughter making jello shots….so glad they were a G version 🙂

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    Love the line about the racecars! What great kids you have! Just think- your passion for food is helping a new generation become savvy in the kitchen. I love it when my kids take over in the kitchen!


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