Announcing Cool New Recipe Features on Boulder Locavore!

Over the past few months there have been some exciting changes on Boulder Locavore with regard to recipes that I wanted to tell you about!

We have been working very hard to make recipes and other articles much easier to locate on our site.  If you select ‘Recipes’, ‘Booze’, ‘Local’ or ‘Travel’ from the navigation bar above, you will find ‘photo buttons’ of major category headings.  When selecting a category, all the posts in that category will be illustrated also with photo buttons to select from.  Here’s an example:

If selecting Recipes‘ from the navigation bar below the blog header, a reader will land on the page below:

If then selecting ‘Baked Sweets’, all the posts in this category will be illustrated as shown below:

There are also two additional search methods.  The first  by using the Search box on the right sidebar area, where a reader can input key words to bring up all posts with that word in it (they will appear at the top of the main blog section with clickable excerpts of those posts):

Or by looking through the Archives, a bit lower on the right sidebar.  The archives provide a drop down menu to search posts by month from the beginning of the blog to present:

We hope this keeps all your favorite Boulder Locavore content at your fingertips!

Another feature I’m really excited about is a partnership with Ziplist, a recipe collection and shopping list website.  You’ll note the more current Boulder Locavore recipes are in a new, easy to follow format thanks to Ziplist that also allows printing of the recipe and saving the recipe to your own Ziplist Recipe Box.  There is no cost to set up an account and to start saving recipes in your own recipe box.  Having a Recipe Box allows you to save your favorite recipes from sites like Boulder Locavore as well as from other Ziplist partners such as Martha Stewart as well as many other inspired food blogs and celebrity chefs.

An additional feature you can install easily on your toolbar, the Recipe Clipper, allows you to instantly add recipes from any website, even if they are not a Ziplist partner, and deposit it into your Recipe Box.

You can set up or access your personal recipe box on any Ziplist partner site by clicking the ‘Recipe Box’ or ‘Shopping List’ (in the drop down menu) tabs in the navigation bar.  If you have not yet set up your Recipe Box, you’ll be prompted to do so:

Saving a recipe from Boulder Locavore or other Ziplist partner sites is easy!  Look for the ‘Save Recipe’ button:

When you select ‘Save Recipe’ you’ll be prompted to sign in or set up your Recipe Box if you have not done so. The next screen allows you to select what you would like to do with the recipe you are saving; add it to your Recipe Box or make a Shopping List:

I selected adding it to my Recipe Box:


I then selected to go to my Recipe Box and ‘voila’, here we are in Boulder Locavore’s Recipe Box:

In addition to allowing you to collect recipes (and input your own personal recipes) Ziplist has a fantastic Shopping List generating feature.  For instance you can select a favorite recipe you’d like to make from your Recipe Box and with a touch of a button generate a shopping list of ingredients, as well as utilize the Ziplist mobile application to keep it all on your mobile device (and it sync’s with your online recipe box!).  Once you’ve set up your Recipe Box you’ll note a Grocery Deals tab where special sales at stores local to you are highlighted.  If you find something you like you can also search for Ziplist recipes using that item.

Here are some of the grocery deals in my area.  Note you can filter the stores from which you wish to view deals on the left by selecting your stores of choice:

My iPhone is ‘command central’ for me holding all my lists and access to recipes.  I loved this short video on all you can do with Ziplist on your phone at the grocery store:

I’ll be candid.  I personally become quickly frustrated by highly complicated endeavors targeting making my life easier!  I set up my Recipe Box in about 30 seconds.  Again it’s free of cost, only requires an email address and password.   Get started here or find a favorite, recent Boulder Locavore recipe, select ‘Save Recipe’ and you’ll be prompted to set up your box and be on your way!  I will be converting older Boulder Locavore recipes to the new format but until then you can use the Recipe Clipper feature to save them to your Recipe Box if they do not have the ‘Save Recipe’ button yet.  I’m sure you’ll love it!  Hope you’ll be as excited about all these changes as I am and that they’ll make your recipe searching and storing effortless.


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